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Vapor Store 2

- WARNING: Vapor Store 2 is made to simplify downloading and installing games in a preinstalled format from the internet via a repository/source
- I'm not responsible for the content of the sources our users may use
- I am also not responsible for any legal troubles or computer issues you may face

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How to set up

  1. Download & Install Vapor Store
  2. Download a repo file and select it in the Vapor Store settings

How to build

Building Vapor Store is very simple because its a Electron app, you simply need to download the code from git and run the build command



  • [x] Donate Button :D
  • [x] Search function for games
  • [x] Move to a built in Downloader/Installer
  • [x] Download multiple games at the same time
  • [x] Own Logo
  • [x] Stop / Pause / Resume Downloads
  • [x] Launching and deleting games from the app
  • [x] Make the Downloads snackbar a universally usable notification system
  • [x] InApp Updater
  • [x] Have a popup asking to extract or not after download
  • [x] Make vapor store single instance
  • [x] Create desktop shortcuts
  • [x] Move popups to MDC dialogs
  • [x] Add scroll buttons for the games screenshots
  • [x] Make a easier dialog component just for alerts
  • [x] In installed games option have a button to open the games folder
  • [x] For executable section have option to run as administrator
  • [x] Allow the progress bar to be dynamically added and removed
  • [x] Show Download Size
  • [x] Game metadata for installed games list
  • [x] Show extraction progress
  • [x] Make extraction complete popup display even if extract snackbar is hidden
  • [x] Clean out the downloader code
  • [x] Default play exe for games in folder in installed list
  • [x] Setting to auto extract after download
  • [x] Search in installed games list
  • [x] Import existing games
  • [x] Make a desktop notification when the download is completed
  • [x] Downloader tab #### Important
  • [ ] Display changelog button on updater notification
  • [ ] Have option between folder or standalone program in installed list
  • [ ] Have a button in settings to clear zips in folder
  • [ ] Custom generator script, custom fetch download script
  • [ ] Generator / Fetch scripts selector #### Other
  • [ ] Game sorting by category
  • [ ] Game updates
  • [ ] Multiple store pages on large searches
  • [ ] Implement the Backup & Sync feature
  • [ ] Make it so the downloader always over writes zips
  • [ ] Implement better updater
  • [ ] Clean out the snackbar notification service code
  • [ ] If installed game folder can't be found have a fallback where the user manually selects the folder
  • [ ] When adding your own game have a option to select the metadata
  • [ ] Download by link with metadata
  • [ ] Move localStorage to electron-store
  • [ ] Add warning when closing the app whilst downloading
  • [ ] Minimize to tray on close when downloading


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