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依赖: ```java

dependencies{ implementation 'com.stomhong:customizekeyboard:1.0.1' } ```



 private void initMoveKeyBoard() {
         keyboardUtil = new KeyboardUtil(this, rootView, scrollView);
         // monitor the KeyBarod state
         keyboardUtil.setKeyBoardStateChangeListener(new KeyBoardStateListener());
         // monitor the finish or next Key
         keyboardUtil.setInputOverListener(new inputOverListener());
         specialEd.setOnTouchListener(new KeyboardTouchListener(keyboardUtil, KeyboardUtil.INPUTTYPE_ABC, -1));


     public static int inputType = 1;                   // 默认
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM = 1;         // 数字,右下角 为空
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM_FINISH = 2;  // 数字,右下角 完成
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM_POINT = 3;   // 数字,右下角 为点
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM_X = 4;       // 数字,右下角 为X
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM_NEXT = 5;    // 数字,右下角 为下一个
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_ABC = 6;         // 一般的abc
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_SYMBOL = 7;      // 标点键盘
     public static final int INPUTTYPE_NUM_ABC = 8;     // 数字,右下角 为下一个


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