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Class notes for CS 131.

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CS131 Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications

Instructions for creating class notes

Overall workflow

  1. Fork this repository by clicking the "Fork" button on the top right of this page.

  2. Next, clone your forked repository into your local machine:

    git clone github.com/YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT/cs131_notes.git
  3. Give others permission to commit to your forked repository by clicking on "Settings" and then "Collaborators".

  4. Write up the class notes.

  5. Push your changes to your forked repository.

  6. Send a pull request to the official repository.

Downloading the software and testing the repository.

  1. Download pdfltex so that you can compile the tex documents. You can also use Overleaf or Sharelatex to compile your tex documents.

  2. Go into the template folder and compile the format and template files: ``` cd template

pdflatex format.tex bibtex format pdflatex format.tex

pdflatex template.tex bibtex template pdflatex template.tex ```

  1. Make sure that template.pdf and format.pdf have been generated and are correctly displayed. Read format.pdf to understand how we expect the class notes to be formatted.

Writing class notes for a given lecture

  1. Create a folder called

    for the first lecture or
    for the eighteenth lecture.
  2. Copy over template.tex and bibliography.bib to your folder.

    cp template/template.tex lectureXX/lectureXX.tex
    cp template/bibliography.bib lectureXX/bibliography.bib
  3. Write the lecture notes. Make sure to include pictures, references and tables. If you add images, make sure to give credit to the source of those images.

  4. Compile your lecture template to make sure that it formats correctly.

    cd lectureXX
    pdflatex lectureXX.tex
    bibtex lectureXX
    pdflatex lectureXX.tex
  5. Submit a pull request to have your lecture notes merged.

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