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Command wrapper for reporting the result. It is useful for cron jobs.

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Command wrapper for reporting the result. It is useful for cron jobs.


% go get github.com/Songmu/horenso/cmd/horenso

Built binaries are available on gihub releases. https://github.com/Songmu/horenso/releases


% horenso --reporter /path/to/report.pl -- /path/to/yourjob


  horenso --reporter /path/to/reporter.pl -- /path/to/job [...]

Application Options: -r, --reporter=/path/to/reporter.pl handler for reporting the result of the job -n, --noticer='ruby /path/to/noticer.rb' handler for noticing the start of the job -T, --timestamp add timestamp to merged output -t, --tag=job-name tag of the job -o, --override-status override command exit status, always exit 0 -v, --verbose verbose output. it can be stacked like -vv for more detailed log -l, --log=logfile-path logfile path. The strftime format like '%Y%m%d.log' is available.

Handlers are should be an executable or command line string. You can specify multiple reporters and noticers. In this case, they are executed concurrently.


Normally you can use

with a wrapper shell script like following.
/path/to/horenso \
  -n /path/to/noticer.py         \
  -r /path/to/reporter.pl        \
  -r 'ruby /path/to/reporter.rb' \
  -- "[email protected]"

And specify this

in the crontab like following.
3 4 * * * /path/to/wrapper.sh /path/to/job --args...

If you want to change reporting way, you just have to change reporter script. You have no risk to crash wrapper shell.

Execution Sequence

  1. Start the command
  2. [optional] Run the noticers
  3. Wait to finish the command
  4. Run the reporters

result JSON

The reporters and noticers accept a result JSON via STDIN that reports command result like following.

  "command": "perl -E 'say 1;warn \"$$\\n\";'",
  "commandArgs": [
    "say 1;warn \"$$\\n\";"
  "output": "1\n95030\n",
  "stdout": "1\n",
  "stderr": "95030\n",
  "exitCode": 0,
  "result": "command exited with code: 0",
  "pid": 95030,
  "startAt": "2015-12-28T00:37:10.494282399+09:00",
  "endAt": "2015-12-28T00:37:10.546466379+09:00",
  "hostname": "webserver.example.com",
  "systemTime": 0.034632,
  "userTime": 0.026523





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