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Simple tool for browsing Dagger graphs generated via an SPI plugin

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Dagger Browser

Dagger Browser is a progressive web app for easily navigating a project's Dagger graph. The graph data is populated from a Dagger SPI plugin, and the browser is built using CRA (create-react-app) with Typescript.

Trying a sample

Check out the demo site built from the open source Plaid app.

The plugin/sample directory contains a fork of a simple example from the Dagger repo.

You can run

to generate the dagger components manifest for this example and display in the Dagger Browser.

Using Dagger Browser in your app

To build a Dagger Browser site for your project, you'll need to generate json files for your project's Dagger components.

To get started:

  1. Look up the latest version of the processor plugin in Maven Central:

  2. Add a dependency on

    to any Gradle modules in your project that process Dagger components:
    allprojects {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
    kapt "com.snap.daggerbrowser:daggerbrowser-processor:LATEST_VERSION"
  3. Build your project. The plugin will generate json files for each Dagger component.

  4. Use scripts/ to aggregate the component json files into a ComponentsManifest.json.

  5. Open a Dagger Browser instance, and drag-and-drop your ComponentsManifest.json file to load it.

  6. Alternatively, build a Dagger Browser instance from source. Checkout out the

    $: git clone [email protected]:Snapchat/dagger-browser.git
  7. Build Dagger Browser using your generated json files:

    cd dagger-browser
    ./ ../my_project/

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