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Apply clean architecture on Android

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Android Easy Clean Architecture Boilerplate

I wrote a blog to share my valuable experience in building a clean architecture. In this process I keep exploring, trying and reading a lot of articles, but the Android development ecosystem is developing so rapidly, and with the birth of new technologies, I believe this is not the final architectural model, so we have to continue explore, and continue to make improvements in order to adapt to our increasingly complex business growth.

"Architecture is About Intent, not Frameworks" - Uncle Bob

This code repository is only part of the article's example, and demonstrates how to use Clean Architecture in Android. It does not run independently, it's just a code example, so you have to understand it by reading the article.

note: This demo can not run independently, it just helps you understand the article better.

Blog address on the jianshu: 《Clean architecture on Android》.

Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture

Technical points

Android Clean architecture modules

Android Clean architecture structure

Android Clean architecture data stream

Android clean architecture UML

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