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A complete upgrade for FireRed, including an upgraded Battle Engine.

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Complete Fire Red Upgrade

What is this?

A complete upgrade for FireRed, including an upgraded Battle Engine. By using this or any assets from this repository, you consent to never making money off your game (unless you have my explicit permission). That includes both pay-walls as well as optional donations (which includes ko-fi, Patreon, etc.). If you have a problem with this, feel free to send me a Discord message (Skeli#3917) and I will give you my PayPal so you can pay me $100000 for the hundreds if not thousands of hours I poured into this for free (I don't actually want your money - I'm trying to make a point). Not to mention it's illegal to profit off of an IP you don't own.

Before doing anything it is HIGHLY recommended the documentation be read thoroughly.


  • Expanded PC Boxes (up to 25!)
  • Battle Engine Upgraded to Gen 8
    • All Moves, Abilities, Items, Item Effects through Gen 8
    • A complete set of move animations
    • Vastly improved AI system with decision-making skills for all new battle effects
    • Z Moves
    • Mega Evolution / Primal Reversion / Ultra Burst
    • Ability pop-ups
    • Hidden Abilities
    • Dissapearing HP-bars during Attack Animations
    • Trainer Sliding / In-battle messages
    • Expanded Poké Balls
    • Battle Terrain
    • Totem Pokémon
    • Trainers with EVs
    • Class-based Music
    • Class-based Poké Balls
    • Dynamic Trainer Backsprites
    • Pre-battle mugshots
    • Wild double battles
    • Multi Battles (with a partner)
    • New Evolution Methods
    • Expanded Learnsets
    • Badge-based obedience
    • Shiny Charm + Oval Charm
    • Level Scaling
    • Updated Exp. Share
    • Inverse Battles, Sky Battles
    • Overworld trainer facing
    • Move types light up on move menu based on effectiveness
  • Battle Frontier/Facilities
  • Expanded Move Reminder (up to 50 moves)
  • Improved Tm/Hm Expansion, Reusable TMs
  • Updated Pickup mechanics
  • Swarms
  • Day/Night/Seasons
  • Roaming Pokémon
  • JPANs engine features ported and redesigned/improved in many ways
    • Character Customization
    • Lots of new scripting specials
    • Whiteout hack / text updates
    • And more!
  • Save-block expansion
  • DexNav and secondary PokéTools Start Menu
  • Dynamic overworld palettes
  • Updated Daycare system
  • Expanded Text Names (Abilities, etc)
  • Select Pokemon from PC directly
  • Scrolling summary screen
  • Base stats on pokedex summary screen
  • Updated repel system
  • Configurable Start Menu
  • Follow Me
  • Expanded Pokemon in the Hall of Fame
  • Triple Layer Blocks
  • Expanded Text Buffers
  • Footstep noise in grass & on sand
  • Omnidirectional Jumping
  • Item Image on obtain
  • Move Items on Party Screen
  • New Field Moves like Rock Climb & Defog
  • Expanded Coins, Safari Balls/Steps
  • Fairy Type
  • Oval Charm
  • And More!

NOTE Personalized options are available in src/config.h. The options can be customized by commenting and uncommenting lines.

Note Pokemon Expansion can be found here

Installation Instructions


See the wiki.

UNIX-like OS (Linux, MacOS, ...)

  1. Install devkitPro with instructions here.

  2. Export

    to your
  3. Make sure you've installed python 3.6+ and it can be called directly via either

  4. Clone the repo and go inside:

    git clone
    cd Complete-Fire-Red-Upgrade
  5. Get your ROM into the current directory and rename it to BPRE0.gba.

  6. Configure the offset you want to insert the code: In scripts/ change

    to the location you want to insert the data.
  7. Run

    python scripts/
    python3 scripts/
    if you’ve installed multiple python versions).

A new gba file will appear named as test.gba and an offsets.ini file. Those are your resultant files.


Anytime you make changes, the compiler will only compile the files you have changed.

Specific to Windows

Any changes made to header files will require you to type

python scripts// build
in cmd and then rerun the build scripts. For more command line options, see "Engine Scripts" in the documentation.

Specific to UNIX-like OS (linux, macOS, ...):

Any changes made to header files will require you to clean everything in build/ and then rerun the build scripts.

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