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A volumetric fog implementation in Unity.

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Fog result 2019 dec.

Volumetric Fog

Volumetric fog implementation in Unity. Made originally as a part of my Bachelors thesis (which you can read from here). Now I am just improving it in my free time. Does not currently support the new HD render pipeline that came in Unity 2018.

How to run:

  1. Clone this repository (
    git clone
  2. Download Unity (version 2018.3 and later supported. To use on earlier Unity versions, please clone an older commit, for example
    supports 2018.1)
  3. Open the project in Unity
  4. Open the scene
    (under the
    folder) and press play
  5. Fog settings can be changed by selecting the
    gameobject, which is a child of the
    gameobject in the scene hierarchy.

Enabling benchmark mode

To enable benchmark mode, enable the Animator and Benchmark components under the 'Player' gameobject and disable the Player script. Additionally, enable the 'Text' gameobject under the 'Canvas' gameobject. Benchmark results are saved to AppData/LocalLow/DefaultCompany/unity-volumetric-fog on Windows.

Default controls

W,S,A,D - Fly around
Mouse look - Look around
Shift - Fly faster

More screenshots

Fog result image 5 Fog result image 1 Fog result 2019 jan.
Fog result image 2 Fog result image 3

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