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UnityEvent and System.Func had a child

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Lets you drag-and-drop methods with or without return values / parameters in the Unity inspector. It uses expression trees and reflection to cache a delegate on first execution.

Usage is identical to UnityEvent

unity_inspector ```csharp public class MyClass : MonoBehaviour { //These fields are shown in the inspector public SerializableCallback callback; // supports all non-void return types public Condition condition; // supports bool return types only public GetProduct getProduct; // supports MyProduct return types only

void Start() {
    // Callbacks can be invoked with or without parameters, and with different types
    Debug.Log(callback.Invoke()); // returns object
    Debug.Log(condition.Invoke()); // returns bool
    Debug.Log(getProduct.Invoke(2)); // returns MyProduct

// As with UnityEvents, custom callbacks must have a non-generic wrapper class marked as [Serializable] in order to be serialized by Unity [Serializable] public class Condition : SerializableCallback {}

// Last generic type parameter is the return type, staying consistent with System.Func [Serializable] public class GetProduct : SerializableCallback {}

} ```

| Performance (100000 iterations) | Time | | -------------------------------------------- | --------- | | bool Method(float) | 00.00304s | | SerializedCallback (Persistent) | 00.01026s | | SerializedCallback (Dynamic) | 00.00797s |

Installing with Unity Package Manager

To install this project as a dependency using the Unity Package Manager, add the following line to your project's

"com.github.siccity.serializablecallback": "git+"

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