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CLI UI is a small framework for generating nice command-line user interfaces


gem install cli-ui

or add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'cli-ui'

In your code, simply add a

require 'cli/ui'
. Most options assume
has been called.


This may not be an exhaustive list. Please check our documentation for more information.

Nested framing

To handle content flow (see example below)

CLI::UI::StdoutRouter.enable'Frame 1') do'Frame 2') { puts "inside frame 2" }
  puts "inside frame 1"

Nested Framing

Interactive Prompts

Prompt user with options and ask them to choose. Can answer using arrow keys, vim bindings (

), or numbers (or y/n for yes/no questions).

For large numbers of options, using

, or
will toggle "line select" mode which allows numbers greater than 9 to be typed and
will allow the user to filter options using a free-form text input.
CLI::UI.ask('What language/framework do you use?', options: %w(rails go ruby python))

Can also assign callbacks to each option

CLI::UI::Prompt.ask('What language/framework do you use?') do |handler|
  handler.option('rails')  { |selection| selection }
  handler.option('go')     { |selection| selection }
  handler.option('ruby')   { |selection| selection }
  handler.option('python') { |selection| selection }
  • Note that the two examples provided above are identical in functionality

Interactive Prompt

Free form text prompts

CLI::UI.ask('Is CLI UI Awesome?', default: 'It is great!')

Free form text prompt

Spinner groups

Handle many multi-threaded processes while suppressing output unless there is an issue. Can update title to show state.

spin_group =
spin_group.add('Title')   { |spinner| sleep 3.0 }
spin_group.add('Title 2') { |spinner| sleep 3.0; spinner.update_title('New Title'); sleep 3.0 }

Spinner Group

Text Color formatting


{{red:Red}} {{green:Green}}
puts CLI::UI.fmt "{{red:Red}} {{green:Green}}"

Text Format

Symbol/Glyph Formatting


=> a yellow ⭑
puts CLI::UI.fmt "{{*}} {{v}} {{?}} {{x}}"

Symbol Formatting

Status Widget

CLI::UI::Spinner.spin("building packages: {{@widget/status:1:2:3:4}}") do |spinner|
  # spinner.update_title(...)

Status Widget

Progress Bar

Show progress of a process or operation.

CLI::UI::Progress.progress do |bar|
  100.times do

Progress Bar

Frame Styles

Modify the appearance of CLI::UI both globally and on an individual frame level.

To set the default style:

CLI::UI.frame_style = :box

To style an individual frame:

CLI::UI.frame('New Style!', frame_style: :bracket) { puts 'It's pretty cool!' }

The default style -

- is what has been used up until now. The other style -
- looks like this:
CLI::UI.frame_style = :bracket
CLI::UI::StdoutRouter.enable'Frame 1') do'Frame 2') { puts "inside frame 2" }
  puts "inside frame 1"

Frame Style

Example Usage

The following code makes use of nested-framing, multi-threaded spinners, formatted text, and more.

require 'cli/ui'

CLI::UI::StdoutRouter.enable'{{*}} {{bold:a}}', color: :green) do'{{i}} b', color: :magenta) do'{{?}} c', color: :cyan) do sg = sg.add('wow') do |spinner| sleep(2.5) spinner.update_title('second round!') sleep (1.0) end sg.add('such spin') { sleep(1.6) } sg.add('many glyph') { sleep(2.0) } sg.wait end end CLI::UI::Frame.divider('{{v}} lol') puts CLI::UI.fmt '{{info:words}} {{red:oh no!}} {{green:success!}}' sg = sg.add('more spins') { sleep(0.5) ; raise 'oh no' } sg.wait end


Example Output


  • Run tests using
    bundle exec rake test
    . All code should be tested.
  • No code, outside of development and tests needs, should use dependencies. This is a self contained library


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The code is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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