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a clean and elegant theme for Hexo. :whale2:

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一个安静且优雅的 Hexo 主题

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:ocean: Ayer is a clean and elegant theme for Hexo, also fast, powerful and responsive. It contains many awesome features, It's perfect for your blog, "Ayer" means "water" in Malaysian and "yesterday" in Spanish. If you have any queries or advice during the process of using, Please contact me! [email protected]

注:收藏本主题请点右上角Star,谢谢~~ 如果你想给主题添砖加瓦,可以点右上角Fork,然后给此仓库提交PR

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For hexo < 5.0

git clone themes/ayer

For hexo >= 5.0

npm i hexo-theme-ayer -S
  • If this theme is newly installed, a
    file will be generated in the root directory after the installation is complete, and you can directly edit the
    file for configuration.
  • If it is a theme upgrade, you can use the configuration method of hexo < 5.0, or you can move the original configuration file to the root directory and rename it to



setting in
theme: ayer


cd themes/ayer
git pull

Multi Language Support

zh-CN(中文简体) en(English) zh-TW(中文繁体) ja(Japanese) es(Spanish) de(German) fr(French) ru(Russian) ko(Korean) vi(Vietnamese) nl(Dutch) no(Norwegian) pt(Portuguese)

English is default languge, if you want to change, modify

option in
file in your blog's root folder.


let me know if you have any questions.

# Menu-Sidebar
  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
  Categories: /categories
  Tags: /tags
  Travel: /tags/旅行/
  About: /2019/about

Subtitle and Typing animation

subtitle: enable: true text: A clean and elegant theme text2: It's perfect for your hexo blog text3: Have fun! #Supports up to three lines of text startDelay: 0 typeSpeed: 200 loop: true backSpeed: 100 showCursor: true

Favicon and sidebar logo

favicon: /favicon.ico logo: /images/ayer-side.svg

Cover Setting

enable: [true|false];path: [background-image];logo: [cover-logo-image]

cover: enable: true path: /images/cover1.jpg # there are some beautiful cover images in Ayer's directory: /source/images, choose your favorite image to replace it. logo: /images/ayer.svg


progressBar: true


broadcast: enable: true type: 2 # 1:custom,2:hitokoto api( text: a clean and elegant theme, fast and responsive. # only work in custom mode

Article Setting

(Use this to excerpt if article is too long:)

excerpt_link: Read More... excerpt_all: false

Copy code button

copy_btn: true


share_enable: true

If you are not in China, maybe you prefer to set:false

share_china: true

share text

share_text: Share

search text

search_text: Search

nav text

nav_text: page_prev: Prev page page_next: Next page post_prev: Newer posts post_next: Older posts

Catalog in article

toc: true

images in the article support click to fullscreen

image_viewer: true

word_count: enable: true

only display in article page(not in index page)

only_article_visit: true

Reward Setting

type:0-close reward; 1-only open in article which you have configured reward:true; 2-open in all articles

reward_type: 2

reward word

reward_wording: 'Buy me a cup of coffee~'

qrcode image path

alipay: /images/alipay.jpg

qrcode image path

weixin: /images/wechat.jpg


type:0-close all; 1-only display in article which you have configured copyright: true; 2-all articles

copyright_type: 2


search: true


leave it empty if you dont' need

rss: /atom.xml


darkmode: true

Canvas background style: 0-close,1-moveline

canvas_bg: 0

Custom mouse pointer,replace /images/mouse.cur

mouse: enable: false path: /images/mouse.cur

Click effect: 0-close,1-love,2-boom,3-particles

click_effect: 0

articleWidth and sidebarWidth

layout: article_width: 80rem sidebar_width: 8rem

Comment:1、Valine (recommended);2、Gitalk

You can close the comment section on one of your posts by marking comments: false in front-matter.

1、Valine A fast, simple & powerful comment system

You need create leancloud account first (, then put the id|key in below.

enable: true app_id: # app_key: #

Valine Setting

valine: enable: true verify: false # comment verify avatar: mp # ( placeholder: Add some comments to my article~ # placeholder


gitalk: enable: false # true clientID: # GitHub Application Client ID clientSecret: # Client Secret repo: # Repository name owner: # GitHub ID admin: # GitHub ID

GitHub Ribbons(


(Set false if you don't need)


pv&uv statistics

busuanzi: enable: true

cnzz statistics

cnzz: enable: true url: #

Google Analytics

google_analytics: ''

Baidu Analytics

baidu_analytics: ''

Mathjax Support

mathjax: true

Katex Support

note: need change the hexo-renderer,npm un hexo-renderer-marked -S && npm i hexo-renderer-markdown-it-katex -S

katex: enable: false # true allpost: true copy_tex: false

since year

since: 2019

pageFooter (Set true can let more people know this theme, Thanks!)

pageFooter: true

only for chinese website


icp: enable: false url: "" text: "浙ICP备88888888"


gongan: enable: false img: /images/beian.png url: "" #link text: "浙公网安备01234567890123号"

friends link

friends_link: Ayer: #site name # site url url: # site icon(optional) img: /images/ayer.png GitHub: url: img: gitee: url: img: Hexo: url: img: hexo-tag-chart: url: img:


  $ npm install hexo-generator-searchdb --save

Then add the plugin configuration in hexo's configuration file

(note: not the theme's configuration file):
  # Hexo-generator-search
    path: search.xml
    field: post
    format: html
  $ npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

Then add the plugin configuration in hexo's configuration file

(note: not the theme's configuration file):
      type: atom
      path: atom.xml
      limit: 20
      content_limit: 140
      content_limit_delim: ' '
      order_by: -date   
  • hexo-generator-index-pin-top (for Sticky Post)

    $ npm uninstall hexo-generator-index --save
    $ npm install hexo-generator-index-pin-top --save


    hexo new page categories

    Then paste following codes to file: /source/categories/

    ``` md

    title: categories type: categories

    layout: "categories"



Same as categories.

Friend Links

hexo new page friends

Then paste following codes to file: /source/friends/

``` md

title: friends type: friends

layout: "friends"

Then edit `friends_link` in `_config.yml` 


Need to write in the head of the markdown, this is not a good way to write, I hope to get a better way to write on github.

``` md

title: Gallery

albums: [ ["img_url","img_caption"], ["img_url","img_caption"] ]


Use Tocbot to parse the title tags (h1~h6) in the content and insert the directory.

  • ayer/_config.yml

    # Toc
    toc: true
  • If Toc is turned on in ayer/_config.yml, then Tocbot will generate a Toc article directory in the title tag of each blog parsing content, but not all blogs require Toc, so in the Front-matter section of markdown Can be closed:

    no_toc: true


Ayer by Eric-Shen is licensed under SATA-License.

The basic idea is, whenever using a project using SATA license, people shall star/like/+1 that project and thank the author. Just imagine Google stared your project and send you a thank-you letter because they used your project in github!



  • 给你使用的开源项目的作者发个Email,和他交个朋友
  • 提出你在使用过程中发现的BUG或者提一些建设性的意见
  • 告诉你的朋友们这个开源项目碉堡了(博主: 就像我在宣传SATA)
  • 当然,你也可以只是在心里默默的感激,不用让全世界都知道

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

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