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SciSharp / Pandas.NET

Pandas port in C#, data analysis tool, process multi-dim array in DataFrame.

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Implemented APIs

1. Pandas

  • DataFrame
    • pd.DataFrame(NDArray  data, IList index,  IList columns, Type dtype)
    • pd.DataFrame(NDArray  data, IList index,  IList columns, Type dtype)
    • pd.DataFrame(IDictionary data, IList index)
    • pd.DataFrame(IDictionary data, IList index)
  • Series
    • pd.Series(NDArray data)
    • pd.Series(Array data)
    • pd.Series(T data)

2. Series

  • s.iloc[0]
  • s.loc["index_label"]

3. DataFrame


  • df.Index
  • df.Columns
  • df.Values
  • df.Shape
  • df.NDIM
  • df.Size


  • df[0]
  • df[params int[] columnIndexs]
  • df["column_label"]
  • df[params string[] columnLabels]
  • df.Column(string columnLabel, NDArray value)
  • df.Column(int columnIndex, NDArray value)
  • df[Slice s]
  • df.loc["index_label"]
  • df.loc["index_label", "column_label"]
  • df.iloc[0]
    :按行索引(row number)选取数据

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