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Flex Element for not writing any more custom flex styles because fuck that

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Styled Flex Component

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Flex Element for not writing any more custom flex styles because fuck that


yarn add styled-flex-component
npm i styled-flex-component


import React from 'react';
import Flex, { FlexItem } from 'styled-flex-component';

export default () => ( World Hello );


All props without description are just true or false values and take no arguments

Flex Container


  • full -> Sets width, height and flex basis to 100%
  • inline -> Sets the item to inline-flex
  • center -> Sets justify-content and align-items to center


  • row
  • rowReverse
  • column
  • columnReverse


  • wrap
  • wrapReverse

Align Items

  • alignCenter
  • alignStart
  • alignEnd
  • alignBaseline
  • alignStretch
  • alignCenter

Align Content

  • contentCenter
  • contentStart
  • contentEnd
  • contentBaseline
  • contentStretch
  • contentAround

Justify Content

  • justifyCenter
  • justifyStart
  • justifyEnd
  • justifyBetween
  • justifyAround
  • justifyEvenly

Flex Item

  • Order -> Takes a number to se the order of that item
  • basis -> Takes a number to se the flex-basis of that item
  • grow
  • shrink
  • noShrink



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