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This is the open source project for RoboMaster 2018 contest from Southeast University

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This is a project for Robomaster 2018 from Southeast University which includes complete process to finish the auto-shoot & rune detection tasks. Armor detection, rune detection, angle solving algorithm & drivers, serial communication are all included.

This is basically the code we use during the competition.



  1. Jetson TX2
  2. ubuntu16.04 ### environment
  3. QT5
  4. OpenCV3.4.0(Opencv4Tegra)

2.Project framework

Armor,Rune&Pose: three core algorithm are implemented here. You can read the document under these three directory.

Darknet: the deeplearning library we need to run this project, you need to compile it first.

Driver: driver for camera.

General: general resource for all program.

Serial: serial communication protocol with STM32.

Main: entry of the program.

Img: resource files for document


1. Clone the project

Clone the project to the directory you perfer. If you are not sure,

is just OK.

2. Compile the darknet library

The darknet library is the required dependency lib to implement the deep learning algorithm in Rune Detection. We made a little changes to the original library to fit our need. Anyway, be sure to compile it first, or the project can't run successfully.

NOTICE:Unless you need to test only a part of the project, like Armor, you can rewrite the project dependency and run it independently

How to compile in terminal

  1. change directory the
  2. type
    make #-j4 optional, it depends on your machine

A README from the official darknet project is also under the

. You can ignore that unless you're interested in the darknet.

3. Choose the main file

Open the .pro file, and choose the main.cpp file according to the instruction(comment) in .pro by commenting & uncommenting several lines of codes.

If you want to design your own test, you can write your own main file and add it to the project.

4. Others

change the absolute path of .xml(under ./Pose directory)

If you meet any other errors, remeber to check the directory in the project(especially some .xml files) first.

4.How To Run

After successfully compile the whole project in QT, you shall check the executable file

produced by QT(under the
directory). Excute it, and you can see the result.

Auto Startup

Also, we add the script
for the Startup Application.

Be sure to change the content (Directory of executable file and so on) for your own machine. Also, DON'T forget to add the after compiling this lib) to the same directory of executable file

Add this script to the Startup Applications and everything is okay now!


MIT License



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