Addon to import different photogrammetry formats into Blender

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This repository contains a Blender addon to import reconstruction results of several libraries.

Supported libraries (data formats):

In addition, the addon supports some common point cloud data formats:

1 Requires Pillow to read image sizes from disk. 2 Requires Pillow for point color computation. 3 Requires Pyntcloud for parsing.

Compatible with Blender 2.80 onwards. There is an older version of the addon available for Blender 2.79 that allows to import NVM files - see the 2.79 branch.

Getting Started


This repository contains an example NVM file. The imported result looks as follows. alt text The input images of the NVM file are located here:

There is an import option that interpolates the reconstructed camera poses to compute a camera animation. alt text

You can also overlay the (sparse) point cloud with the corresponding mesh - see Import Data. alt text

In addition, the addon allows to visualize depth maps (reconstructed with Colmap or MVE) as point clouds.

The addon offers an option to draw big point clouds with OpenGL to reduce computational requirements. The addon provides a panel to export these OpenGL point clouds renderings - see Point Cloud Visualization and Rendering. alt text

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