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Angular components implementation of Fundamental Library Styles guidelines. The library is aiming to...

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Fundamental Library for Angular


1. Description

The SAP Fundamental Styles library is a design system and HTML/CSS component library used to build modern product user experiences with the SAP look and feel.

This repository contains 2 libraries,

  • @fundamental-ngx/core: The Fundamental-ngx core provides base angular implementation of SAP Fundamental styles to offer developers a rich set of components they can use when building angular applications. Fundamental-ngx core angular components provides the end developer with some degree of flexibility as most of the components allow finer customization directly on the HTML template level.

  • @fundamental-ngx/platform: The Fundamental-ngx platform is built on top of the core to both enhance existing functionality with additional features which are driven by application requirements and to provide higher abstraction for the components by hiding most of the internal implementation details which boosts productivity.

2. Requirements

To download and use Fundamental Library for Angular, you will first need to install the node package manager.

Fundamental Library for Angular is intended for use with Angular 8 or newer.

Prior knowledge of Angular is recommended, to use the fundamental-ngx library.

3. Known Issues

4. Support

If you encounter an issue, you can create a ticket.

5. Contributing

If you want to contribute, please check the documentation for contribution guidelines. Please follow the Angular commit message guidelines.

Check out the guide on building a new component for the library and creating the necessary documentation for your new component.

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