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A lightweight extension to subscribe Starscream websocket events with RxSwift

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CircleCI pod Carthage compatible

A lightweight extension to Starscream to track websocket events using RxSwift observables.



RxStarscream is available through CocoaPods. Add the following line to your

pod 'RxStarscream'

Then run:

pod install

RxStarscream version vs Swift version.

Below is a table that shows which version of RxStarscream you should use for your Swift version.

| Swift | RxStarscream | RxSwift | | ------ | ------------- |---------------| | >= 4.2 | >= 0.10 | >= 4.3 | | < 4.2 | >= 0.8 | >= 4.0 | | 3.X | 0.7 | 3.0.0 - 3.6.1 |


Add this to your Cartfile

github "RxSwiftCommunity/RxStarscream"

Then run:

carthage update

Usage examples

After installing via CococPods or Carthage, you should import the framework.

import RxStarscream

Once imported, you can open a connection to your WebSocket server.

socket = WebSocket(url: URL(string: "ws://localhost:8080/")!)

Now you can subscribe e.g to all of the websocket events:

socket.rx.response.subscribe(onNext: { (response: WebSocketEvent) in
    switch response {
    case .connected:
    case .disconnected(let error):
        print("Disconnected with optional error : \(error)")
    case .message(let msg):
        print("Message : \(msg)")
    case .data(_):
    case .pong:
}).disposed(by: disposeBag)

Or just to a connect event:

socket.rx.connected.subscribe(onNext: { (isConnected: Bool) in
    print("Is connected : \(isConnected)")
}).disposed(by: disposeBag)

Or just to a message event:

socket.rx.text.subscribe(onNext: { (message: String) in
    print("Message : \(message)")
}).disposed(by: disposeBag)

Sample Project

There's a sample project (you need to run

carthage update
for it to compile).

The sample project uses echo server - https://www.websocket.org/echo.html

Have fun!


Everyone in the RxSwift Slack channel.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.


RxStarscream is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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