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A view management library for Roblox Lua similar to React

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A declarative UI library for Roblox Lua inspired by React.


Method 1: Model File (Roblox Studio)

  • Download the
    model file attached to the latest release from the GitHub releases page.
  • Insert the model into Studio into a place like

Method 2: Filesystem

  • Copy the
    directory into your codebase
  • Rename the folder to
  • Use a plugin like Rojo to sync the files into a place


For a detailed guide and examples, check out the official Roact documentation.

local LocalPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer

local Roact = require(Roact)

-- Create our virtual tree describing a full-screen text label. local tree = Roact.createElement("ScreenGui", {}, { Label = Roact.createElement("TextLabel", { Text = "Hello, world!", Size =, 0, 1, 0), }), })

-- Turn our virtual tree into real instances and put them in PlayerGui Roact.mount(tree, LocalPlayer.PlayerGui, "HelloWorld")


Roact is available under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

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