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STM32 LCD drivers (currently: spi(dma), gpio, fsmc(dma), st7735, st7783, ili9325, ili9328, ili9341, ili9486, ili9488, hx8347g)

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STM32Fxxx graphics display drivers

Layer chart, examples circuits and settings:

  • Lcddrv.pdf ( )

LCD I/O driver:

  • spi: software SPI, hardware SPI, hardware SPI with DMA
  • gpio8: 8 bit paralell without analog resistive touchscreen
  • gpio16: 16 bit paralell without analog resistive touchscreen
  • fsmc8: 8 bit paralell without analog resistive touchscreen + FSMC or FSMC with DMA
  • fsmc16: 16 bit paralell without analog resistive touchscreen + FSMC or FSMC with DMA
  • ts_gpio8: 8 bit paralell with analog resistive touchscreen
  • ts_fsmc8: 8 bit paralell with analog resistive touchscreen + FSMC or FSMC with DMA

|stm family|spi|gpio8|gpio16|fsmc8|fsmc16|tsgpio8|tsfsmc8|note| |--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--|--| |STM32F0|+|+|+|||||| |STM32F1|+|+|+|||+||| |STM32F2|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|| |STM32F3|+|+|+|||||| |STM32F4|+|+|+|+|+|+|+|| |STM32F7|+|+|+|||||| |STM32G0||+|+|||||not tested| |STM32G4||+|+|||||not tested| |STM32L0|+|+|+|||||not tested| |STM32L1|+|+|+|||||not tested| |STM32L4|+|+|+|||||not tested| |STM32L5||+|+|||||not tested| |STM32H7||+|+||||||

LCD driver:

  • st7735 (SPI mode tested)
  • st7783 (8 bit paralell mode tested)
  • ili9325 (8 bit paralell mode tested)
  • ili9328 (8 bit paralell mode tested)
  • ili9341 (SPI, 8 bit and 16 bit paralell mode, SPI with LTDC mode tested)
  • ili9486 (8 bit paralell mode tested)
  • ili9488 (SPI, 8 bit paralell mode tested)
  • hx8347g (8 bit paralell mode tested)


  • LcdSpeedTest: Lcd speed test
  • TouchCalib: Touchscreen calibration program
  • Paint: Arduino paint clone
  • JpgViewer: JPG file viewer from SD card or pendrive
  • AnalogClock: Analog Clock demo (printf: the result, i use the SWO pin for ST-LINK Serial Wire Viewer (SWV). See:examples/Src/syscalls.c)
  • 3d filled vector (from

How to use starting from zero?

  • stm32f103c8 - spi:
  • stm32f103c8 - gpio8:
  • stm32f103c8 - gpio8 with touchscreen:
  • stm32f407zet - fsmc16, sdcard, jpg:
  • stm32f429zi discovery - spi-dma, usbhost pendrive, jpg:
  1. Create project for Cubemx
  2. setting the RCC (Crystal/ceramic resonator)
  3. setting the debug (SYS / serial wire or trace assyn sw)
  4. setting the timebase source (i like the basic timer for this)
  5. if FSMC : setting the FSMC (chip select, memory type = LCD, Lcd reg select, data = 8 or 16 bits, timing)
  6. if SDCARD : setting the SDIO mode, enable the FATFS, FATFS: USELFN, MAXSS = 4096, FS_LOCK = 5, RTC enabled
  7. if USB pendrive : setting the USB host, setting the USB power, enable the FATFS, USELFN, MAXSS = 4096, FS_LOCK = 5
  8. if JPG : enabled the LIBJPEG
  9. setting the clock configuration
  10. project settings: project name, toolchain = truestudio, stack size = 0x800
  11. generate source code
  12. Truestudio
  13. open projects from file system
  14. open main.c
  15. add USER CODE BEGIN PFP: void mainApp(void);
  16. add USER CODE BEGIN WHILE: mainApp();
  17. open main.h
  18. add USER CODE BEGIN Includes (#include "stm32f1xxhal.h" or #include "stm32f4xxhal.h" or ...)
  19. add 2 new folder for Src folder (App, Lcd)
  20. copy file(s) from App/... to App
  21. copy 4 or 7 files from Drivers to Lcd (lcd.h, bmp.h, stm32adafruitlcd.h / c, if touch: ts.h, stm32adafruitts.h / c)
  22. copy Fonts folder to Lcd folder
  23. copy io driver to Lcd folder (lcdio...h / c or lcdts_io...h / c or...)
  24. copy lcd driver to Lcd folder (st7735.h / c or ili9325.h /c or...)
  25. if printf to SWO : copy syscalls.c to Src folder
  26. setting the configuration the io driver header file (pin settings, speed settings etc...)
  27. setting the LCD configuration (orientation, touchscreen)
  28. add include path : Src/Lcd
  29. setting the compile options (Enable paralell build, optimalization)
  30. compile, run ...

Example (please unzip the app you like):

  • f103c8t_app: (stm32f103c8t HAL applications, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f103c8tapprtos: (stm32f103c8t HAL-FreeRtos applications, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407vet_app: (stm32f407vet HAL-applications, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407vetapprtos: (stm32f407vet HAL-FreeRtos applications, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407vetappfsmc: (stm32f407vet HAL applications, FSMC, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407vetapprtos_fsmc: (stm32f407vet HAL-FreeRtos applications, FSMC, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407vetappfsmc16: (stm32f407vet HAL applications, FSMC 16 bit, cubemx, truestudio)
  • f407zetappfsmc16_extsram: (stm32f407zet HAL applications, FSMC 16 bit, external 1MB SRAM, cubemx, truestudio)

How to adding the SWO support to cheap stlink ?

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