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I created this repository because I want to have list with Phalcon's repositories on Github. If you want add some new, please - send me info in issues. - Phalcon CMS - A Base project for APIs using the Phalcon framework - Phalcon User Plugin is a plugin based on Vokuro ACL idea - Phalcon application with multi-modules structure and other stuff for best development. web demo - The base application in PhalconPHP - Yeoman generator for Phalcon php multi-module applications - Bootstrap component for a quick start developing applications on Phalcon - A blog using the Phalcon PHP Framework - Phalcon Mailer Service - Phalcon Boilerplate is a template for building large-scale PhalconPHP applications - Command Line Application with common features built using phalcon framework - Phalcon PHP Framework with Modular structure - A project currently using Phalcon PHP Framework and Gumby 2 for RAD - Password manager for selfuse - A starter app with Phalcon and Angular - Phalcon hosting master agent (control panel) - Scaffold a REST API application Phalcon (multi module), Angular and Bootstrap (using Yeoman, Bower and Grunt). - App create to translate Phalcon docs Simple Fast Url-Shortener application on Phalcon PHP Framework - Blog project Multi-lingual Support - Sending Confirmation Emails with Phalcon and Swift (app for this article: - Frontend Debugger for phalconphp - PHP HMAC Restful API that uses Phalcon Micro framework - Phalcon SOLID Bootstrap for Rapid Application Development - Easy rendering Phalcon Forms - Simple way to auto load modules without complicate definition of routes - Phalcon wrapper for Oauth2 thephpleague/oauth2-server - Full phalcon rest api example with is own Ouath2 server - Media manager project in PHP with Phalcon - Phalcon PHP REST Core API Package - Phalcon + Grunt + Composer + Bower - another sample of web site build with Phalcon - CMS built on Phalcon Framework - Components for automatic registration services in Dependency Injection - Simple Event Propagation with Phalcon Framework - Official website of Giada Loop Machine - powered by Phalcon - Rest API library for Phalcon - Get more resources for Phalcon framework on - Phalcon Boilerplate is a template for building large-scale PhalconPHP applications. It contains the structure and configuration for managing a big project. - Base project for creating powerful webservice based on PhalconPHP framework - Service loader for Phalcon PHP Framework - Vegas shares aspects of a web application framework and a content management system. Lot of stand-alone libraries like annotations based ACL, oAuth or filesystem, new forms and validators. - Phalcon SMS Factory - Handling and downloading files for Phalcon projects. Allowed multiple files, filters etc... - Database searcher for Phalcon Framework. This is the search service is designed to search multiple SQL tables. Convenient to use autocomplete, search documents, search the whole site. - Yona CMS - open source content management system (CMS). - Prophiler - PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar (built for Phalcon) - Adapter to use XSLT as templating engine for Phalcon PHP framework - PhalconPHP Cheat Sheet - Blog - A Q&A, CMS and Discussion PHP platform - Phalcon api example - replacement for Phalcon's built-in Flash and Message functionalities - single bootstrap for multiple phalcon projects - integration Phalcon with Cartalyst/Sentinel - framework agnostic authentication & authorization system.

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