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Riot Games Developer Relations Repo

Welcome to the Riot Games Developer Relations repo. The purpose of this repo is exclusively bug reporting for tools in the Riot Games Developer Ecosystem.

Everything else can be found at the following links:

Issue Reporting Guidelines

The Riot Games Developer Relations team wants to address all issues in a timely manner and will inform the responsible teams of issues their products/services have. However, we cannot guarantee that issues will be resolved.

Before creating an issue, please do the following:

  • Check the Developer Documentation to make sure the behavior you are reporting is really a bug, not a feature.
  • Check the existing issues to make sure you are not duplicating somebody's work.
  • Verify that the issue you are about to report relates to the Riot Games Developer Ecosystem and is not a game bug (for game bugs please go here).

If you're sure that the problem you're experiencing is caused by a bug, follow the recommendations below to file a new issue in a Github issue tracker.

Issue Template

Please follow this section carefully, as it ensures we gather accurate information about any issues.

Note that higher levels of detail in the report increases the chance that someone will be able to reproduce the issue.

Issue Format:


1. 2.

    Steps to Reproduce

1. 2. 3.

    Expected Result
  1. [Screenshots, logs or description]

    Actual Result
  2. [Screenshots, logs or description]


The title is a vital part of a bug report that allows the developer and triager to quickly identify a unique issue. A well-written title should contain a clear, brief explanation of the issue, emphasizing the most important points.

    Clear example: Attack speed in Data Dragon is missing as of the last update

Unclear example: DDragon Wrong



Describing preconditions is a great start. Be sure to provide information on system configuration, project type, and languages used. Basically, we need everything that could help us set up the same environment you have.

Steps to Reproduce

This is the most important part of a bug report, as we'll use this information to reproduce the issue. The issue is more likely to be fixed if it can be reproduced.

Describe each step you have taken to reproduce the issue. Try to include as much information as possible—sometimes even minor differences can be crucial.

Actual and Expected Results

These sections will help us make sure that everybody involved in the fix is on the same page. Describe the result you expected to get and the result you actually observed after performing the steps.

Additional Information

Additional information is often requested when the bug report is processed. You can save time by providing browser logs, screenshots, or any other artifacts related to the issue as needed.

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