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:japanese_castle: Next & React three fiber starter

This starter will automatically pick the marked R3F components and inject them into a canvas layout so we can navigate seamlessly between the pages with some dynamic dom and canvas content without reloading or creating a new canvas every time.

:japan: Demo :

How to use


Tailwind is the default

yarn create r3f-app next my-app 


npx create-r3f-app next my-app 

:mount_fuji: Features

  • [x] Concurrent mode with React experimental
  • [x] Automatically inject r3f component in the Canvas layout
  • [x] Customizable loading
  • [x] Support glsl, images and svg imports
  • [x] PWA Support
  • [x] Dynamic meta data and header using Helmet
  • [x] Clean code using ESlint, Prettier and Husky

:bullettrain_side: Architecture

Inform the nextjs page that the component is a Threejs component. For that, simply add the r3f property to the parent component.

const Page = () => {
  return (

Hello !

{/* Simply add the r3f prop to the parent component -> */}


> ) }

export default Page

:control_knobs: Available Scripts

  • yarn dev
  • yarn lint (Scripts)
  • yarn build
  • yarn start

:mag_right: Stack

  • Threejs: A lightweight, 3D library with a default WebGL renderer.
  • React-three-fiber: A React renderer for Threejs on the web and react-native.
  • Drei: A growing collection of useful helpers and abstractions for react-three-fiber.
  • Tailwind: A utility-first CSS framework packed with classes like flex, pt-4, text-center and rotate-90 directly in your markup.
  • R3F-Perf: Tool to easily monitor react threejs performances.

How to contribute :

git clone
&& cd r3f-next-starter && yarn install
# then push using the terminal to trigger Husky

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Joe Hsu




This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

More tool and r3f tips on my twitter @onirenaud

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