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React Router 5 Course Material

React Router 5 is out at we have this course so you can learn all about it. The course covers basic and advanced topics. We'll be building a Firebase-looking app that has complex nested layouts and interesting problems to solve.

Animated Demo

Download and Install

If you're wondering what's new in React Router 5? Not a lot except internal optimizations and fixes for React 16.x. So you could also think of this as a React Router 4 course since the API is the same. See more info on the React Router 5 release

npm install
npm start

Then go to localhost:8000

Be sure to see notes on Lesson Branches below...

Each Lesson is a Git Branch

To view the code for a given lesson, checkout the appropriate branch name. The branch will have the finished code from that lesson.

Installing lesson branches

All the branches are checked out to your local machine automatically when you do

npm install
. Just do a
git branch
to verify and see all branches after.

To view a branch:

git checkout [branch-name]

Branch names are minimal for easy typing:

  • 01-basics - JSX Routing with
  • 02-basics - Route Matching - Inclusive vs Exclusive (exact) and Switch
  • 03-basics -
  • 04-basics -
  • 05-basics - Dynamic (Parameter) Matching
  • 06-basics - Nested Layout Strategy
  • 07-basics -
  • 08-basics -
  • 09-basics -
  • 10-basics -
  • 11-basics - Programmatic Navigation (History Object)
  • 12-basics - URL Query Strings
  • 13-advanced - Route Render Methods
  • 14-advanced - React Router - Just Components ™
  • 15-advanced - Authentication Strategy with Context
  • 16-advanced - Authenticated Routes (Dynamic Routes)
  • 17-advanced - Navigation With State
  • 18-advanced - Prompt Before Route Changes
  • 19-advanced - Animating Route Changes (Part One)
  • 20-advanced - Animating Route Changes (Part Two)

Fake Database

Just so we can mimic some data and pretend it's asynchronous, there's a

. Feel free to add more "Firebase Projects" if you want.


I used

. Who cares, it keeps the styling clutter out of the JS files since this is teaching material for routing.

Code Organization


you'll see:
  • layouts
    for highly re-usable app-wide layouts
  • styles
    for Sass modules
  • ui
    is where I like to put re-usable "leaf-types" of components
  • utils
    is a catch all for React components that are more utilitarian in nature (and less UI in nature) and other general utils.

Any other folders in

is a section of the site, like
which correspond to
etc. I guess I could organize those into a
folder, but who likes deep nesting anyways?

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