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Modern & multiplatform game engine in C++17

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Modern & multiplatform 3D game engine in C++17

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RaZ comes from, as you may have noticed, my username Razakhel. This was also meant as a pun, since in french RàZ is the acronym for "Remise à zéro", which basically means "reset". I didn't have any particular intent behind this double meaning. Except maybe hoping that using RaZ might reset your mind because of its awesomeness? Oh well.

Written in modern C++ (17), ECS driven, it is primarily developed for learning purposes. It is intended to be as optimized as possible, while trying to stay as modular as it can.

The engine is available under Windows, Linux & macOS; it can also run in a web browser through WebAssembly (using Emscripten).

📖 If you want to get started, head to the wiki. For the documentation, look over here!

💬 A Discord server dedicated to RaZ is also available! Feel free to come by to follow the development, ask any question, or just say hi 👋


| Crytek Sponza | Hylian shield (PBR) | | :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------: | | Crytek Sponza | Hylian shield |

More examples are available here.


| Module | Features | | :-----------: | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | | Audio | - Playing/pausing/stopping/repeating sounds
- WAV import
| | Math | - Vectors
- Matrices
- Quaternions
- Angles (degrees/radians)
- Transformations (translation, rotation, scale) | | Rendering | - OpenGL (3.3 or 4.5)
- Vulkan (in progress)
- Standard (Blinn-Phong) & PBR (Cook-Torrance) material models
- Deferred rendering, using a custom render graph
- Camera (perspective/orthographic)
- Light sources (point & directional)
- Cubemap
- Normal mapping | | Physics | - Shapes (line, plane, sphere, triangle, quad, AABB, OBB)
- Shape/shape collision checks (in progress)
- Ray/shape intersection checks (in progress)
- Rigid body simulation (in progress) | | Misc | - ECS (Entity Component System) implementation
- Dynamic bitset
- Uniformized platform-dependant path strings
- Directed graph structure
- Meshes (OBJ import/export, FBX import, OFF import)
- Images (PNG import/export, TGA import, HDR import (in progress))
- Windowing (window, overlay, keyboard/mouse inputs with custom callbacks)
- Compiler, enum, string, type & threading utilities |

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