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File system utilities for Clojure.

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fs - File system utilities for Clojure

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This library defines some utilities for working with the file system in Clojure. Mostly, it wants to fill the gap that
leaves and add on (and prettify) what


This library is simple. It is just a collection of functions that do things with the file system. The one thing you should understand is

. This library wraps a lot of built-in Java file systemy things because it pays attention to the
as the current working directory. Java has no way to change the cwd of a JVM so if you want that behavior, you have to simulate it. This library tries to do that.

The foundation of the library is the

function. It is just like
, but it pays attention to the value of

This is 100% a utility library. If you have something useful that it doesn't already have, open a pull request, because I probably want it. Make sure you include tests. Also, make sure they pass.

fs is not an I/O utility library. We should try to keep things limited to file system activities.


Library artifacts are released to Clojars. If you are using Maven, add the following repository definition to your


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[me.raynes/fs "1.4.6"]

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Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Miki Tebeka, Anthony Grimes

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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