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:octocat: RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift UI module library for adding animation to iOS tabba...

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Swift UI module library for adding animation to iOS tabbar items and icons.

We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

Stay tuned for the latest updates:

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  • iOS 9.0+
  • Xcode 10.2


Just add the RAMAnimatedTabBarController folder to your project.

or use CocoaPods with Podfile:

ruby pod 'RAMAnimatedTabBarController'

or Carthage users can simply add to their



github "Ramotion/animated-tab-bar"

or Swift Package Manager


  1. Create a new UITabBarController in your storyboard or nib.

  2. Set the class of the UITabBarController to RAMAnimatedTabBarController in your Storyboard or nib.

  3. For each UITabBarItem, set the class to RAMAnimatedTabBarItem.

  4. Add a custom image icon for each RAMAnimatedTabBarItem

Add animation for each RAMAnimatedTabBarItem :

  • drag and drop an NSObject item into your ViewController
  • set its class to ANIMATION_CLASS (where ANIMATION_CLASS is the class name of the animation you want to use)
  • connect the outlet animation in RAMAnimatedTabBarItem to your ANIMATION_CLASSDemonstration video for step 5

Included Animations

  • RAMBounceAnimation
  • RAMLeftRotationAnimation
  • RAMRightRotationAnimation
  • RAMFlipLeftTransitionItemAnimations
  • RAMFlipRightTransitionItemAnimations
  • RAMFlipTopTransitionItemAnimations
  • RAMFlipBottomTransitionItemAnimations
  • RAMFrameItemAnimation
  • RAMFumeAnimation

Creating Custom Animations

  1. Create a new class which inherits from RAMItemAnimation:
class NewAnimation : RAMItemAnimation
  1. Implement the methods in RAMItemAnimationProtocol:
// method call when Tab Bar Item is selected override func playAnimation(icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel) { // add animation }
// method call when Tab Bar Item is deselected override func deselectAnimation(icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel, defaultTextColor: UIColor, defaultIconColor: UIColor) { // add animation }
// method call when TabBarController did load override func selectedState(icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel) { // set selected state }
  1. Example:
import RAMAnimatedTabBarController class RAMBounceAnimation : RAMItemAnimation { override func playAnimation(\_ icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel) { playBounceAnimation(icon) textLabel.textColor = textSelectedColor } override func deselectAnimation(\_ icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel, defaultTextColor: UIColor, defaultIconColor: UIColor) { textLabel.textColor = defaultTextColor } override func selectedState(\_ icon: UIImageView, textLabel: UILabel) { textLabel.textColor = textSelectedColor } func playBounceAnimation(\_ icon : UIImageView) { let bounceAnimation = CAKeyframeAnimation(keyPath: "transform.scale") bounceAnimation.values = [1.0 ,1.4, 0.9, 1.15, 0.95, 1.02, 1.0] bounceAnimation.duration = TimeInterval(duration) bounceAnimation.calculationMode = kCAAnimationCubic icon.layer.add(bounceAnimation, forKey: "bounceAnimation") } }

πŸ“„ License

Animated Tab Bar is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

This library is a part of a selection of our best UI open-source projects.

If you use the open-source library in your project, please make sure to credit and backlink to

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