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🚀 Project made to connect teachers to students. Made in Next Level Week #2 #NLW @Rocketseat

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:rocket: Project made to connect teachers to students, made in Next Level Week #2 @Rocketseat

English · Portuguese

The NLW #2 project. Built with ❤︎ by Rafael Goulart and contributors

:pushpin: Table of Contents

📥 Layout available for download at:

Direct Download Direct Download

Web Screenshot

Mobile Screenshot

:eyes: Demo Website

You can acess the website at:
👉 demo:

Netlify Status

:computer: Technologies

This project was made using the follow technologies:

:rocket: Features

  • Website to sign up teachers and students.
  • App to connect teachers and students.

:construction_worker: How to run

# Clone Repository
$ git clone

📦 Run API

# Go to server folder
$ cd Proffy/server

Install Dependencies

$ yarn install

Run Aplication

$ yarn start

Access API at http://localhost:3333/

💻 Run Web Project

# Go to web folder
$ cd Proffy/web

Install Dependencies

$ yarn install

Run Aplication

$ yarn start

Go to http://localhost:3000/ to see the result.

📱 Run Mobile Project

To run the mobile project you need a cellphone with the app of expo instaled or a emulator android/ios.
After, fork this repository and clone to your machine. Inside of the project's folder run the following commands:

# Go to mobile folder
$ cd Proffy/mobile

Install Dependencies

$ yarn install

Run Aplication

$ yarn start

Aferter read the QRCode with the app of expo or run on emulator.

:bug: Issues

Feel free to file a new issue with a respective title and description on the the Proffy repository. If you already found a solution to your problem, i would love to review your pull request!

:tada: Contributing

First of all, thank you for being interested in helping out, your time is always appreciated in every way. :100:

Here's some tips:

  • Check the issues page for already opened issues (or maybe even closed ones) that might already address your question/bug/feature request.
  • Feature requests are welcomed! Provide some details on why it would be helpful for you and others, explain how you're using bull-board and if possible even some screenshots if you are willing to mock something!

Check out the contributing page to see the best places to file issues, start discussions and begin contributing.

:closed_book: License

Released in 2020 :closed_book: License

Made with love by Rafael Goulart 🚀. This project is under the MIT license.

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