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Native iOS app using DP^3T iOS sdk to handle Exposure Notification framework from Apple

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RadarCOVID iOS App


Native iOS implementation of RadarCOVID tracing client using DP3T iOS SDK


These are the tools used to build the solution: - XCode 11.6

Installation and Getting Started

The project can be built with the indicated Xcode version. Dependencies are managed with Swift Package Manager, no further setup is needed.


The project is configured for a specific provisioning profile. To install the app on your own device, you will have to update the settings using your own provisioning profile.

Apples Exposure Notification Framework requires a
entitlement that will only be available to government entities. You will find more information in the Exposure Notification Addendum and you can request the entitlement here.

Commit Lint

It's possible to install a git hook to authomatically check commit comments based on Conventional Commits specification.

  • Prerequisites: Node , Npm
  • Install hook: > $ npm install
  • Generate changelog and tag release: > $ npm run release

Support and Feedback

The following channels are available for discussions, feedback, and support requests:

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If you want to contribute with this exciting project follow the steps in How to create a Pull Request in GitHub.

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This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.

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