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sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi is a support package made by the RT-Thread team for the ART-Pi development board. It can also be used as a software SDK for user development, allowing users to develop their own applications more easily and conveniently.

ART-Pi is a DIY open source hardware with extended functions specially designed for embedded software engineers and open source makers after half a year of careful preparation by the RT-Thread team.


Directory Structure

$ sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi
├── RealThread_STMH750-ART-Pi.yaml
├── debug
├── documents
│   ├──
│   ├── board
│   └── figures
├── libraries
│ ├── STM32H7xx_HAL
│ ├── drivers
│ ├── rt_ota_lib
│ └── wlan_wiced_lib
├── projects
│ ├── art_pi_blink_led
│ ├── art_pi_bootloader
│ ├── art_pi_factory
│ ├── art_pi_wifi
│ └── industry_io_gateway
├── rt-thread
└── tools

-RealThreadSTMH750-ART-Pi.yaml Describe the hardware information of ART-Pi -debug QSPI FLASH download algorithm, etc. -documents Drawings, documents, pictures and datasheets, etc. -libraries STM32H7 firmware library, general peripheral driver, rtota firmware library, wlan firmware library, etc. -projects Sample project folder, including factory program, gateway program, etc. -rt-thread rt-thread source code -tools wifi firmware, BT firmware, rbl packaging tool, etc.


sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi supports RT-Thread Studio and MDK development

RT-Thread Studio development

  1. Open the package manager of RT-Thread Studio and install the ART-PI SDK resource package


  1. After the installation is complete, choose to create a project based on BSP image-20200926143024666

MDK Development

  1. Download the SDK in ART-Pi SDK Warehouse

  2. Enter the project directory. Such as: sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi\projects\artpiblink_led

  3. Use ENV tool to execute the mklink command to create symbolic links for the

    files respectively
   E:\project\sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi\projects\art_pi_blink_led>mklink /D rt-thread ..\..\rt-thread
   symbolic link created for rt-thread <<===>> ..\..\rt-thread

E:\project\sdk-bsp-stm32h750-realthread-artpi\projects>mklink /D libraries ....\libraries symbolic link created for libraries <<===>> ....\libraries


  1. Use ENV tool to execute 'scons --target=mdk5'

ART-Pi Communication Platform

ART-Pi is an open source creative hardware platform. We look forward to having more friends who can discover more fun together. If you have any ideas and suggestions during use, we suggest you contact us through the following methods.

RT-Thread Facebook.

Contributing code

If you are interested in ART-Pi and have some fun projects willing to share with you, welcome to contribute code to us, you can refer to ART-Pi Code Contribution Manual.

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