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Successful Applications

All the job and grant applications here are successful, hopefully providing a diverse perspective on what has worked in jobs and funding.

Job Applications

Job applications now include cover letters, CVs, research, teaching, and diversity statements, and even some interview presentations. I've divided them up into industry/nonprofit research, research university, and primarily undergradguate university. There is a bias towards plants and evolution, as that's folks I know and can badger into contributing.


Successful grant applications. See this list as well for additional grants, and Yaniv Brandvain's collection of NSF GRFP applications.

How To Contribute

Please email or submit a pull request if you would like to add to this repo. Please send files as pdf, with as much information as you are comfortable including in the title, such as

. Note that, unless otherwise requested, your statement will be licensed under a CC by 4.0 license.

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