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Simple commandline interface to allow you to run cli or bash style commands as if you were in the te...

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Node.js commandline/terminal interface.

Simple commandline or terminal interface to allow you to run cli or bash style commands as if you were in the terminal.

Run commands asynchronously, and if needed can get the output as a string.

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This work is licenced via the DBAD Public Licence.


|method | arguments | functionality | |-------|-----------|---------------| |run | command | runs a command asynchronously| |get | command,callback | runs a command asynchronously, when the command is complete all of the stdout will be passed to the callback|


    var cmd=require('node-cmd');

    function(err, data, stderr){
        console.log('the current working dir is : ',data)
);'touch example.created.file');

    function(err, data, stderr){
        console.log('the current dir contains these files :\n\n',data)

        git clone
        cd node-cmd
    function(err, data, stderr){
        if (!err) {
           console.log('the node-cmd cloned dir contains these files :\n\n',data)
        } else {
           console.log('error', err)


With promises

this example by @stephen-last

import Promise from 'bluebird'
import cmd from 'node-cmd'

const getAsync = Promise.promisify(cmd.get, { multiArgs: true, context: cmd })

getAsync('node -v').then(data => { console.log('cmd data', data) }).catch(err => { console.log('cmd err', err) })

Accessing the CMD Process

If you need PIDs, stdio,stdin, stdout, stderr, etc. access, for use in your code, or cleaning up, @freemany added in some functionality to get a reference to the child process as the returned value of the


Getting Process ID

    var cmd=require('../cmd.js');

var process=cmd.get('node');

Running a python shell from node

const cmd=require('../cmd.js');

const processRef=cmd.get('python -i'); let data_line = '';

//listen to the python terminal output processRef.stdout.on( 'data', function(data) { data_line += data; if (data_line[data_line.length-1] == '\n') { console.log(data_line); } } );

const pythonTerminalInput=`primes = [2, 3, 5, 7] for prime in primes: print(prime)


//show what we are doing console.log(>>>${pythonTerminalInput});

//send it to the open python terminal processRef.stdin.write(pythonTerminalInput);

Output :

>>>primes = [2, 3, 5, 7]
for prime in primes:

2 3 5 7

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