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Collect logs and send lines to Apache Kafka

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logkafka - Collect logs and send lines to Apache Kafka 0.8+

Introduction 中文文档

logkafka sends log file contents to kafka 0.8 line by line. It treats one line of file as one kafka message.

See FAQ if you wanna deploy it in production environment.




Differences with other log aggregation and monitoring tools

The main differences with flume, fluentd, logstash are

  • Management of log collecting configs and state:

flume, fluentd, logstash keep log file configs and state locally: start local server for management of log file configs and state.

logkafka keep log file configs and state in zookeeper: watch the node in zookeeper for configs changing, record file position in local position file, and push position info to zookeeper periodically.

  • Order of log collecting

flume, fluentd, logstash all have INPUT type 'tail', they collecting all files simultaneously, without considering chronological order of log files.

logkafka will collect files chronologically.

Users of logkafka



  • librdkafka

  • libzookeeper_mt

  • libuv

  • libpcre2

  • PHP 5.3 and above (with zookeeper extension)


Two methods, choose accordingly.

  1. Install librdkafka(>0.8.6), libzookeeper_mt, libuv(>v1.6.0), libpcre2(>10.20) manually, then

    cmake -H. -B_build -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=_install
    cd _build
    make -j4
    make install
  2. Just let cmake handle the dependencies ( cmake version >= 3.0.2 ).

    cmake -H. -B_build -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=_install \
                       -DINSTALL_LIBRDKAFKA=ON \
                       -DINSTALL_LIBZOOKEEPER_MT=ON \
                       -DINSTALL_LIBUV=ON \
    cd _build
    make -j4
    make install


Note: If you already have kafka and zookeeper installed, you can start from step 2 and replace zk connection string with your own in the following steps, default is
  1. Deploy Kafka and Zookeeper in local host
   tools/grid bootstrap
  1. Start logkafka
  • local conf

Customizing _install/conf/logkafka.conf to your needs

    zookeeper.connect =
    pos.path       = ../data/pos.myClusterName
    line.max.bytes = 1048576
  • run

Run in the foreground

   _install/bin/logkafka -f _install/conf/logkafka.conf -e _install/conf/easylogging.conf

Or as a daemon

   _install/bin/logkafka --daemon -f _install/conf/logkafka.conf -e _install/conf/easylogging.conf
  1. Configs Management

Use UI or command line tools.

3.1 UI (with kafka-manager)

We add logkafka as one kafka-manager extension. You need to install and start kafka-manager, add cluster with logkafka enabled, then you can manage logkafka with the 'Logkafka' menu.

  • How to add cluster with logkafka enabled


  • How to create new config


  • How to delete configs


  • How to list configs and monitor sending progress


3.2 Command line tools

We use php script (tools/log_config.php) to create/delete/list collecting configurations in zookeeper nodes.

If you do not know how to install php zookeeper module, check this.

  • How to create configs


    Collect apache access log on host "" to kafka brokers with zk connection string "". The topic is "apacheaccesslog".

       php tools/log_config.php --create \
                                --zookeeper_connect= \
                                --log_path=/usr/local/apache2/logs/access_log.%Y%m%d \


    • [hosname, log_path] is the key of one config.
  • How to delete configs

       php tools/log_config.php --delete \
                                --zookeeper_connect= \
  • How to list configs and monitor sending progress

       php tools/log_config.php --list --zookeeper_connect=


        log_path: /usr/local/apache2/logs/access_log.%Y%m%d
            [conf] => Array
                    [logkafka_id] =>
                    [log_path] => /usr/local/apache2/logs/access_log.%Y%m%d
                    [topic] => apache_access_log
                    [partition] => -1
                    [key] =>
                    [required_acks] => 1
                    [compression_codec] => none
                    [batchsize] => 1000
                    [message_timeout_ms] => 0
                    [follow_last] => 1
                    [valid] => 1

    More details about configuration management, see

    php tools/log_config.php --help


We test with 2 brokers, 2 partitions

| Name | Description | | -------------------- | -------------------------- | | rtt min/avg/max/mdev | 0.478/0.665/1.004/0.139 ms | | message average size | 1000 bytes | | batchsize | 1000 | | requiredacks | 1 | | compressioncodec | none | | message_timeout_ms | 0 | | peak rates | 20.5 Mb/s |

Third Party

The most significant third party packages are:

  • confuse

  • easylogging

  • tclap

  • rapidjson

Thanks to the creators of these packages.


Make sure you have lcov installed, check this

compile with unittest and debug type

cmake -H. -B_build -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=_install \
                   -Dtest=ON \
cd _build
make logkafka_coverage  # run unittest


  1. Multi-line mode

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