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Modular data acquisition framework

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QCoDeS is a Python-based data acquisition framework developed by the Copenhagen / Delft / Sydney / Microsoft quantum computing consortium. While it has been developed to serve the needs of nanoelectronic device experiments, it is not inherently limited to such experiments, and can be used anywhere a system with many degrees of freedom is controllable by computer. To learn more about QCoDeS, browse our

_ .

To get a feeling of QCoDeS read

15 minutes to QCoDeS 
, and/or browse the Jupyter notebooks in

QCoDeS is compatible with Python 3.7+. It is primarily intended for use from Jupyter notebooks, but can be used from traditional terminal-based shells and in stand-alone scripts as well. The features in

are exclusively for Jupyter notebooks.


In general, refer to

__ for installation.


Read it

__ . Documentation is updated and deployed on every successful build in master.

We use sphinx for documentations, makefiles are provided both for Windows, and *nix, so that you can build the documentation locally.

Make sure that you have the extra dependencies required to install the docs

.. code:: bash

pip install -r docs_requirements.txt

Go to the directory


.. code:: bash

make html-api

This generate a webpage, index.html, in

with the rendered html.

Code of Conduct

QCoDeS strictly adheres to the

Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct 


The QCoDeS instrument drivers developed by the members of the QCoDeS community but not supported by the QCoDeS developers are contained in



__ for general information about bug/issue reports, contributing code, style, and testing.




.. |Build Status Azure| image:: https://dev.azure.com/ms-quantum-public/Microsoft%20Quantum%20(public)/apis/build/status/QCoDeS.Qcodes%20(public)?branchName=master :target: https://dev.azure.com/ms-quantum-public/Microsoft%20Quantum%20(public)/build/latest?definitionId=8&branchName=master .. |Build Status Travis| image:: https://travis-ci.com/QCoDeS/Qcodes.svg?branch=master :target: https://travis-ci.com/QCoDeS/Qcodes .. |Codacy badge| image:: https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Grade/6c9e0e5712bf4c6285d6f717aa8e84fa :alt: Codacy Badge :target: https://app.codacy.com/manual/qcodes/Qcodes?utmsource=github.com&utmmedium=referral&utmcontent=QCoDeS/Qcodes&utmcampaign=BadgeGradeSettings .. |PyPi| image:: https://badge.fury.io/py/qcodes.svg :target: https://badge.fury.io/py/qcodes .. |PyPI python versions| image:: https://img.shields.io/pypi/pyversions/qcodes.svg :target: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/qcodes/ .. |DOCS| image:: https://img.shields.io/badge/read%20-thedocs-ff66b4.svg :target: http://qcodes.github.io/Qcodes .. |DOI| image:: https://zenodo.org/badge/DOI/10.5281/zenodo.4136154.svg :target: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4136154

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