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Full-featured web browser module for React Native apps, based on TOWebViewController

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A full-featured web browser module for React Native apps, based on the awesome TOWebViewController



  1. Run
    npm install react-native-browser --save
    in your project directory.
  2. Open your project in XCode, right click on
    and click
    Add Files to "Your Project Name"
  3. Inside your node_modules, find react-native-browser and add
    to your project.
  4. Add
    Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries
  5. Whenever you want to use it within your React code, you can:
    var Browser = require('react-native-browser');



import {
  processColor, // make sure to add processColor to your imports if you want to use hex colors as shown below
} from 'react-native';

// at the top of your file near the other imports var Browser = require('react-native-browser');


// wherever you want to trigger a browser modal appearing'');

// OR pass in options to customize'', { showUrlWhileLoading: true, loadingBarTintColor: processColor('#d64bbd'), navigationButtonsHidden: false, showActionButton: true, showDoneButton: true, doneButtonTitle: 'Done', showPageTitles: true, disableContextualPopupMenu: false, hideWebViewBoundaries: false, buttonTintColor: processColor('#d64bbd'), titleTintColor: processColor('#d64bbd'), barTintColor: processColor('#d64bbd') });

Descriptions of options and their defaults


  • [ ] Finish adding all customization options / support callbacks
  • [ ] Accessors for webview & url requests
  • [ ] Programatic control of loading pages, closing the view, etc


MIT License

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