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🛒 Storage for Presences located at our Presence Store.

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PreMiD Presences

This repository contains the source code of all presences that are available in PreMiD Store. If you would like to publish your presence, please feel free to open a pull request.

Requirements to create a presence

Getting started

We made a documentation to make your development process a little bit better and faster. You can see it here.

Folder structure

├── dist
│   └── metadata.json
├── presence.ts
└── tsconfig.json

For presences with

├── dist
│   └── metadata.json
├── presence.ts
├── iframe.ts
└── tsconfig.json

Translator Tool Guide


  • Clone the PreMiD repository to your system.
  • Install repository modules with
    npm install

Using the script

  • Open up a terminal and run
    yarn translator
    npm run translator
  • When prompted, select the Language Code for the language you are translated (e.g
    for Irish)
  • Once selected. The script will first cache all presences metadata files, it will then go through each one and remove the files containing the language you inputted from the cache.
  • You will then be prompted to select a mode, afterwards you might get asked some aditional information to finalize your filter.
  • Then at last you will be asked to fill in you translations. (You can type "skip" to skip)
  • To stop at any time, hit
    or type


On this repo we enforce the use of commitlint. For more information on this, read the Commit Convention guide

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