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Pester based tests for testing PowerShell

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NOTE This repo has been superceded by PowerShell/PowerShell and will be deleted by Sept 1st, 2017

This project represents a selection of tests that the PowerShell team uses when testing PowerShell. More than 12 years of active development on PowerShell, we have created many different script based test frameworks. Early in 2015 we started the migration process of our internally created script based framework tests to the Pester framework and this project represents the early fruits of that labor. Our plan is to continue to migrate our current tests and release them in this Project, with the aim of having all of our tests available in the OSS community using OSS test frameworks.

We believe that by releasing these tests, our community can better understand how we test, use these as models to better understand PowerShell, and participate with us as we release future versions.

Some of the tests have either been Skipped or marked as Pending, we expect that these tests will be activated as product changes are made available in future releases.


This project will grow over time, but we are currently not able to take pull requests, but we do want your input. If you find issues or other misbehavior, please create an issue and we will review them to see how we can address it.

Invoking the tests

You can either clone the project, or download a ZIP. Once the tests have been placed on your system, you can invoke them as you invoke any other Pester test:

   PS> Invoke-Pester
Because a number of our tests create local sessions, it is suggested (for now) that you run the tests in an elevated PowerShell session as non-admins, by default, will not have the appropriate permissions.

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