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Android Instant Messaging Application

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Android Instant Messaging Application


User registration
User authentication
Adding a new friend by username
Approving a friend
Messaging with a friend in list
Shows online and offline users
Runs a background service in order to get messages even when the application is closed.
Uses notification area when a new message is received.
Quiting the application(kills the background service) 

How to:

    There is a folder whose name is "android-im_WEBAPI", copy all files under "android-im" folder to a folder in            
    your web server directory, 
    for instance android-im that can be accessed by ( is the IP address of 
    computer which runs apache and mysql, 
    use local network IP address instead of using localhost or
    Open the index.php and enter database connectivity parameters such as host, username, password etc. write 
    error_reporting(0) in top of index.php
    Create the tables in mysql database with the included android_im.sql

Android APP: set AUTHENTICATION_SERVER_ADDRESS in socketOperator, it must be the address where server folder are located, for our example it is (don't use localhost)

Then run your application in Eclipse with ADT plugin. it can be learned how to install Android SDK and ADT plugin.


Support now is given by Pirngruber Dominik ([email protected])


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