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You can decrypt whole RPG-Maker MV Directories with this Program, it also has a GUI.

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Petschko's RPG-Maker-MV File-Decrypter (Java-Version)

What's that?

This Project is used to decrypt RPG-Maker-MV-Resource-Files that are encrypted with the Build-In-Encryption of the RPG-Maker.

This Project is also able to decrypt whole RPG-Directories. It's similar to my previous Project but more comfortable.

Which Files can be decrypted with this Program?

You can decrypt the Build-In-Encrypted Files from the RPG Maker MV. They usually have the extension



  • Java 8 or higher
  • Any OS (Linux, Windows, IOS etc)


How to use

The "normal" way

  • Just double click on the JAR then the Program should start (If not try the BAT-File - Windows only)
  • Click on the Menu "File" then "Open"
    • Browse to the RPG-Maker MV Project which you want decrypt
    • Select the Main-Directory of the Project (The Folder where the Game.exe is) on click on "Choose Directory"
  • Wait for a short moment =)
  • If there are Files listed and a Decryption-Key is in the Text-Box you're ready to Decrypt

    • Then go into the Menu and click "Decrypt" -> "All Files"
    • After a short moment you're done =)
    • You can find the Files now within the "Output"-Directory, which is in the same Directory as this Program. (If you not changed it already via "File" -> "Change Output-Directory...")
  • You can also Decrypt single/multiple Files - Select them in the Project-Files Tab after that you go to "Decrypter" -> "Selected Files"

  • You can also check out the "Option"-Menu and check if the settings fit to you =)

  • You can find this "Manual" also within the "Info"-Menu

Start with CMD - For the guys who like it :3

  • Go to the Directory where the JAR is
  • Type in

    java -jar "RPG Maker MV Decrypter.jar" Target-Directory(Req) Destination-Directory(Optional)
    • Example:
      java -jar "RPG Maker MV Decrypter.jar" D:\games\Project1\
    • Other Example with Output-Dir:
      java -jar "RPG Maker MV Decrypter.jar" D:\games\Project1\ .\myoutputdir
    • The Script will show you which Files are decrypted and where they are saved now
    • The Script ends with "Done." Then you're done^^
  • Remember that IOS & Linux not have a Drive-Letter nor using the

    as Directory-Separator use
    instead when you're using Linux/IOS
  • Important: If you just Type

    java -jar "RPG Maker MV Decrypter.jar"
    the Program will start with GUI
  • You can also use the Help-Command with

    java -jar "RPG Maker MV Decrypter.jar" --help

Motivation behind this

As Art-Creator for the RPG-Maker by myself, it is sometimes hard to figure out, if somebody is using Resources from you (and may violate the licence like giving no credit or using a Non-Commercial-Resource in a Commercial Game for example).

I don't have time to play through all the games (even if I want^^). So I just quick look at the files, but its only possible if the files are not encrypted...

Sad for me, more People use the build in Encryption from the RPG-Maker-MV, so that's why I wrote this Program - To get a quick look at the Files without playing the whole Game =) May some other Artists will find this useful too.

It can be also useful for Translators, eg when you want to make a Game available for different Regions. (IMO you should ask the Creator of the Game first! - Sometimes it's not possible...)

I'm also interested in Encryption in general, so this was a good base to learn, since the MV-Encryption is very weak - But it's great that it is simple, because it will not slow down weak machines! (See below)

Why is the encryption of my Game useless in this case?

Sometimes there is a nice Picture that you may save for yourself. You would even do with without this Decrypter by making a Screenshot (or record the Sound) >.<

So you see there is no need for encryption in RPG-Maker Games... If someone want to get the Files, he will able to get them. You can't encrypt your Files 100%, because the Game has to decrypt them by itself, to display them... (Or Play) - And since you are able to play the Game offline, you have to provide the Decryption Method and the Key.

But somebody will steal my assets

Yeah, that may happen but as said before, you can't stop them anyway (Even without Decrypter). Even if you use a more powerful Encryption - it will just slow down your Game on weak Machines. Everybody is allowed to save anything for (!)personal use only(!) - But you're not allowed to create a Game with them. Except it's a free Resource, then you have to follow the Licence of the Resource-Creator! So please DON'T steal stuff, as Artist I know how much time such stuff take, so DON'T do it!

Why as Java-Project? | Advantages

This Java-Decrypter is better for whole Directories. It was easier to do it with Java, because you are very limited with JavaScript. (File-Access / Saving etc) Why Java? - Because I know this Language xP

Advantages using this in comparision to my previous Project: - Works with whole Directories - It detect Encrypted Files by itself - It Auto-Saves & Rename Decrypted-Files for you! - It keeps the Directory-Structure - You can specify an Output-Directory - It's able to Detect the Encryption File & Key by its own - Less buggy and faster than my JavaScript Version, because I'm independent from Browsers and Charset-Problems... - You can use Command-Line to if you want - Will add a restore Project Function in the future - You can en/disable the verification of the 16Byte Fake-Header - If you disable the verification, it will just cut away the Fake-Header aka the first 16 Bytes of the File (Useful when Decrypter-Signature changes) - If you enable the verification it will check if the Files-Header is correct (aka if its a real Encrypted File

Be Fair!

You are not allowed to use the Decrypted Files (if its not allowed by the origin Resource-Licence). Please don't steal, reuse or share stuff in Public! That's not the idea of this Program!

You can save them for Personal-Use only. If the origin Licence allow use you can use them of course, but please follow the Licences!

If that's your Project and you simply lost your Origin-Files, you have the same rights, to do stuff with them, as before =)


  • E-Mail me if you have questions (no bug reporting please): [email protected]
    • You can also tell me you like it or not >.< Of course you can make improvement suggestions if you want
  • Please report Bugs here on use the "Issue"-Section on this Project

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