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Simple gem to include Highcharts in a Rails 3.1 (or above) app

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This gem just includes Highcharts as an asset in the Rails 3.1 (or newer) asset pipeline. Highcharts is not free for commercial use, so make sure you have a valid license to use Highcharts.

If you are looking to include Highstock, Justin Kuepper has made highstock-rails, so check it out.


Add the gem to the Gemfile

gem "highcharts-rails"
# The gem version mirrors the included version of Highcharts


We have a tiny changelog for this gem, but since it's just a tiny wrapper gem, refer to the Highcharts changelog for the important things.


In your JavaScript manifest (e.g.

//= require highcharts
// to get the new features in 2.3.0:
//= require highcharts/highcharts-more

Including the modules you want and need

//= require highcharts/modules/annotations
//= require highcharts/modules/data
//= require highcharts/modules/drilldown
//= require highcharts/modules/exporting
//= require highcharts/modules/funnel
//= require highcharts/modules/heatmap
//= require highcharts/modules/no-data-to-display
//= require highcharts/modules/offline-exporting

Or one of the themes

//= require highcharts/themes/dark-blue
//= require highcharts/themes/dark-green
//= require highcharts/themes/gray
//= require highcharts/themes/grid
//= require highcharts/themes/skies

Some of the modules are meant to be loaded by Highcharts on-demand, such as

(, so don't require them on your own.

Other than that, refer to the Highcharts documentation


Highcharts, which makes up the majority of this gem, has its own, separate licensing.

The gem itself is released under the MIT license


Release tags and all released gems (from 3.0.0 onwards) is signed using rubygems-openpgp using my personal key, and the fingerprint is also included below.

pub   4096R/C9A283C9 2017-11-10 [expires: 2021-11-10]
      Key fingerprint = 18C6 2780 9B69 5EAC 0183  69B1 DD27 0F98 C9A2 83C9
uid       Per Christian Bechström Viken 
uid       [jpeg image of size 9212]
sub   4096R/AFA535FE 2017-11-10 [expires: 2021-11-10]

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