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An app for creating and managing your front-end pattern library.

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Tapestry - Pattern Library Maker

An app for creating and managing your front-end pattern library.

  1. Create patterns in Markdown files
  2. Browseable interface
  3. Free and open source
  4. Comment on each pattern using

Built with Gulp, Angular and Markdown/YAML.


How to use

  1. Clone the repository

    git clone https://github.com/PebbleRoad/tapestry.git
  2. Install NPM and bower packages

    npm install && bower install
  3. Launch the server

    gulp patterns
  4. Open your browser and navigate to


Configuring disqus

Create a new discuss account and open

and set the

Pattern format

name: Alert
description: |
    ### What
    Page­ level information or service alert. Critical updates with a defined time period should be pushed using the alert box.
    ### Use when
    For page­level critical updates.
This is a success alert
More body text

How it works

  1. Patterns folder is watched by Gulp and JSON files are generated for each root pattern
  2. AngularJS uses these JSON documents to show a browseable interface of the patterns
  3. Inject your own CSS by editing
    and add your own patterns


  1. Unit testing gulp plugins - gulp-tree and gulp-script-inject
  2. Unit testing of the Angular app

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