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Screen and UI gaussian blur for Unity

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Super Blur

Blur effect that you can apply on Camera and UI. Gaussian weights was taken from this project.



Just add SuperBlur.cs or SuperBlurFast.cs script to Camera and attach Blur Material and UI Material to it.

  • SuperBlur - (recommended way) It's using OnRenderImage to grab screen texture.

  • SuperBlurFast - Render scene directly to render texture. Much better perfomance on mobile devices, but doesn't work with other post effects.



  • Render Mode - Chooses to render as Post Effect or just apply blurred texture to UI material.

  • Kernel Size - Bigger kernels produces bigger blur, but are more expensive.

  • Interpolation - Use if you want to create smooth blurring transition.

  • Downsample - Controls buffer resolution (0 = no downsampling, 1 = half resolution... etc.).

  • Iterations - More iterations = bigger blur, but comes at perfomance cost.

  • Gamma Correction - Enables gamma correction to produce correct blur in Gamma Colorspace. Disable this option if you use Linear Colorspace.


If you'd try to sell it on Asset Store, then I'm gonna find you.

See LICENSE for details.

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