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Augment your fish command line with fzf key bindings.

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Augment your Fish command line with mnemonic key bindings to efficiently find what you need using fzf.


to interactively find and insert into the command line:

File paths

file search

  • Search input: recursive listing of current directory's non-hidden files
  • Key binding and mnemonic: Ctrl+F (
    for file)
  • Preview window: file with syntax highlighting, directory contents, or file type
  • Remarks
    • prepends
      to the selection if only one selection is made and it becomes the only token on the command line, making it easy to execute if an executable, or cd into if a directory (see cd docs)
    • if the current token is a directory with a trailing slash (e.g.
      ), then search will be scoped to that directory
    • ignores files that are also ignored by git
    • Tab to multi-select

Modified paths

git status select

  • Search input: the current repository's
    git status
  • Key binding and mnemonic: Ctrl+Alt+S (
    for status,
    to prevent overriding
  • Remarks: Tab to multi-select

A commit hash

git log search

  • Search input: the current repository's formatted
    git log
  • Key binding and mnemonic: Ctrl+Alt+L (
    for log,
    to prevent overriding clear screen)
  • Preview window: commit message and diff

A previously run command

command history search

  • Search input: the command history from all interactive sessions of Fish
  • Key binding and mnemonic: Ctrl+R (
    for reverse-i-search)
  • Preview window: the entire command, wrapped

A shell variable

shell variables search

  • Search input: all the variable names of the environment, both local and exported
  • Key binding and mnemonic: Ctrl+V (
    for variable)
  • Preview window: the scope info and values of the variable
  • Remarks
    • $history
      is excluded for technical reasons so use the search command history feature instead to inspect it

The prompt used in the screencasts was created using IlanCosman/tide.


First, make sure you're using Fish

or newer.
$ fish --version
fish, version 3.1.2

Next, install with Fisher.
can be installed manually or with other plugin managers but only Fisher is officially supported.
fisher install PatrickF1/

Finally, install the following CLI tools:

  • fzf - command-line fuzzy finder that powers this plugin
  • fd - much faster and friendlier alternative to
  • bat - smarter
    with syntax highlighting (used to preview files)

For macOS, I recommend installing them using brew.

On certain distribution of Linux, you will need to alias

(see #93).


Custom key bindings

If you would like to customize the key bindings, first, prevent the default key bindings from executing by setting

as an universal variable. You can do this with
set --universal fzf_fish_custom_keybindings

Do not try to set

in your
because the key binding configuration is sourced first on shell startup and so will not see it.

Next, set your own key bindings by following conf.d/ as an example.

Fzf default options

fzf supports setting default options via the FZFDEFAULTOPTS environment variable. If it is set, fzf will implicitly prepend its value to the options passed in on every execution, scripted or interactive.

To make fzf's interface friendlier,
takes the liberty of setting a sane
if it is not already set. See conf.d/ for more details. This affects fzf even outside of this plugin. If you would like to remove this side effect or just want to customize fzf's default options, then set your own
universal variable. For example:
set --universal --export FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS --height 50% --margin 1

Alternatively, you can override it in your
set --export FZF_DEFAULT_OPTS --height 50% --margin 1

Change the command used to preview folders

The search files feature, by default, uses

to preview the contents of a directory. To integrate with the variety of
replacements available, the command used to preview directories is configurable through the
variable. For example, in your
, you may put:
set fzf_preview_dir_cmd exa --all --color=always

Do not specify a target path in the command, as
will prepend the directory to preview to the command itself.

Change the files searched

To pass custom options to

when it is executed to populate the list of files for the search files feature, set the
variable. For example, to include hidden files but not
, put this in your
set fzf_fd_opts --hidden --exclude=.git

Change the key binding or Fzf options for a single command

See the FAQ Wiki page.

Prior art

is a useful plugin, it is by standing on the shoulder of giants. There are two other fzf integrations for Fish worth regarding: jethrokuan/fzf and fzf's out-of-the-box Fish extension. The Prior Art Wiki page explains how
compares to and improves on them.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Need help? These Wiki pages can guide you:

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