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CodeIgniter JWT Sample

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CodeIgniter-JWT-Sample using CodeIgniter 4

Simple CodeIgniter 4 JWT implementation.

Developers who want to use CodeIgniter 3:

Use following command to switch to CodeIgniter 3 branch

git checkout CI3

Setup using this repo

  • Clone this project on php server XAMPP/WAMP.

  • This project uses Composer as Dependency Manager

  • Use following command to auto install required dependencies

    composer install

  • In

    secret key
    line 23
  • Run or Test code using Postman or any other Rest Client

Setup for existing CodeIgniter 4 project

  • Use composer to manage your dependencies and download PHP-JWT:
  composer require firebase/php-jwt


to your project


add following line at the end of
'authFilter' => \App\Filters\AuthFilter::class,

Add following in

'authFilter' => [
    'before' => [
  • In
    add routes to your Auth controller and resource
$routes->resource('api/auth', ['controller' => 'Auth']);
$routes->resource('api/user', ['controller' => 'User']);
  • In
    add function to return secret key
    public static function getSecretKey()
    return 'example_key';
  • Add logic to generate token in your
    after validating login credentials ``` $key = Services::getSecretKey(); $payload = array( "iss" => "", "aud" => "", "iat" => 1356999524, "nbf" => 1357000000 );

$jwt = JWT::encode($payload, $key); ``` - Run or Test code using Postman or any other Rest Client


Generate auth token using login credentials

URL: http://localhost/CodeIgniter-JWT-Sample/public/index.php/api/auth
Method: POST
Params type: x-www-form-urlencoded
Params: email:same_text

Access resource - User for this example

URL: http://localhost/CodeIgniter-JWT-Sample/public/index.php/api/user
Method: GET
Header Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer 

Project uses

CodeIgniter 4


For any questions mail me [email protected]

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