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vue-element-admin is a production-ready front-end solution for admin interfaces. It is based on vue and uses the UI Toolkit element-ui.

vue-element-admin is based on the newest development stack of vue and it has a built-in i18n solution, typical templates for enterprise applications, and lots of awesome features. It helps you build large and complex Single-Page Applications. I believe whatever your needs are, this project will help you.

**After the


version, the default master branch will not support i18n. Please use i18n Branch, it will keep up with the master update**

**The current version is


build on


. If you find a problem, please put issue. If you want to use the old version , you can switch branch to tag/3.11.0, it does not rely on


**This project does not support low version browsers (e.g. IE). Please add polyfill by yourself.**

## Preparation

You need to install [node]( and [git]( locally. The project is based on [ES2015+](, [vue](, [vuex](, [vue-router](, [vue-cli]( , [axios]( and [element-ui](, all request data is simulated using [Mock.js]( Understanding and learning this knowledge in advance will greatly help the use of this project.

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## Sponsors

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Admin Dashboard Templates made with Vue, React and Angular.

## Features
  • Login / Logout - Permission Authentication - Page permission - Directive permission - Permission configuration page - Two-step login - Multi-environment build - Develop (dev) - sit - Stage Test (stage) - Production (prod) - Global Features - I18n - Multiple dynamic themes - Dynamic sidebar (supports multi-level routing) - Dynamic breadcrumb - Tags-view (Tab page Support right-click operation) - Svg Sprite - Mock data - Screenfull - Responsive Sidebar - Editor - Rich Text Editor - Markdown Editor - JSON Editor - Excel - Export Excel - Upload Excel - Visualization Excel - Export zip - Table - Dynamic Table - Drag And Drop Table - Inline Edit Table - Error Page - 401 - 404 - Components - Avatar Upload - Back To Top - Drag Dialog - Drag Select - Drag Kanban - Drag List - SplitPane - Dropzone - Sticky - CountTo - Advanced Example - Error Log - Dashboard - Guide Page - ECharts - Clipboard - Markdown to html

Getting started

# clone the project git clone # enter the project directory cd vue-element-admin # install dependency npm install # develop npm run dev

This will automatically open http://localhost:9527


# build for test environment npm run build:stage # build for production environment npm run build:prod


# preview the release environment effect npm run preview # preview the release environment effect + static resource analysis npm run preview -- --report # code format check npm run lint # code format check and auto fix npm run lint -- --fix

Refer to Documentation for more information


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

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Browsers support

Modern browsers and Internet Explorer 10+.

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