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a vue2.0 minimal admin template

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A minimal vue admin template with Element UI & axios & iconfont & permission control & lint

Live demo:

**The current version is


build on


. If you want to use the old version , you can switch branch to tag/3.11.0, it does not rely on


## GitAds


## Build Setup

clone the project git clone # enter the project directory cd vue-admin-template # install dependency npm install # develop npm run dev

This will automatically open http://localhost:9528

## Build

build for test environment npm run build:stage # build for production environment npm run build:prod

## Advanced

preview the release environment effect npm run preview # preview the release environment effect + static resource analysis npm run preview -- --report # code format check npm run lint # code format check and auto fix npm run lint -- --fix

Refer to [Documentation]( for more information

## Demo


## Extra

If you want router permission && generate menu by user roles , you can use this branch [permission-control](



``` version, you can use vue-typescript-admin-template (Credits: @Armour)

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MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2017-present PanJiaChen

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