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Semantic versioning helper library for PHP

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Semantic versioning helper library • Created by Chris Kankiewicz (@PHLAK)

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composer require phlak/semver


use PHLAK\SemVer;

$version = new SemVer\Version(); // Initilializes to '0.1.0'

Or initialize with a custom version by passing a version string on creation. Accepts any valid semantic version string with or without a preceding

$version = new SemVer\Version('v1.2.3-alpha.5+sha.8d31ff4');

Or parse an incomple version string with the static

$version = SemVer\Version::parse('v1') // Initializes to '1.0.0'
$version = SemVer\Version::parse('v1.2') // Initializes to '1.2.0'


Retrieve the version or individual values

$version = new SemVer\Version('v1.2.3-beta.4+007');

echo $version; // '1.2.3-beta.4+007' echo $version->major; // 1 echo $version->minor; // 2 echo $version->patch; // 3 echo $version->preRelease; // 'beta.4' echo $version->build; // '007'

Increment the version

$version = new SemVer\Version('v1.2.3');

$version->incrementMajor(); // v1.2.3 -> v2.0.0 $version->incrementMinor(); // v1.2.3 -> v1.3.0 $version->incrementPatch(); // v1.2.3 -> v1.2.4

Set (override) the version or individual values

$version = new SemVer\Version();

$version->setVersion('v1.2.3'); // v1.2.3 $version->setMajor(3); // v1.2.3 -> v3.0.0 $version->setMinor(5); // v1.2.3 -> v1.5.0 $version->setPatch(7); // v1.2.3 -> 1.2.7 $version->setPreRelease('rc.2'); // v1.2.3 -> v1.2.3-rc.2 $version->setBuild('007'); // v1.2.3 -> v1.2.3+007

Clear pre-release / build values

$version->setPreRelease(null); // v1.2.3-rc.2 -> v1.2.3
$version->setBuild(null);      // v1.2.3+007 -> v1.2.3

Compare two SemVer objects

$version1 = new SemVer('v1.2.3');
$version2 = new SemVer('v3.2.1');

$version1->gt($version2); // false $version1->lt($version2); // true $version1->eq($version2); // false $version1->neq($version2); // true $version1->gte($version2); // false $version1->lte($version2); // true


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This project is liscensed under the MIT License.

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