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This Kubernetes operator automates the Cassandra operations such as deploying a new rack aware cluster, adding/removing nodes, configuring the C* and JVM parameters, upgrading JVM and C* versions, and many more...

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CassKop - Cassandra Kubernetes operator

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CassKop, the Cassandra Kubernetes operator makes it easy to run Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes. Apache Cassandra is a popular, free, open-source, distributed wide column store, NoSQL database management system. The operator allows to easily create and manage racks and data centers aware Cassandra clusters.

CassKop is based on CoreOS operator-sdk tools and APIs.

CassKop creates/configures/manages Cassandra clusters atop Kubernetes and is by default space-scoped which means that : - CassKop is able to manage X Cassandra clusters in one Kubernetes namespace. - You need X instances of CassKop to manage Y Cassandra clusters in X different namespaces (1 instance of CassKop per namespace).

This adds security between namespaces with a better isolation, and less work for each operator.


For detailed installation instructions, see the Casskop Documentation Page.


The documentation of the Casskop operator project is available at the Casskop Documentation Page.

Cassandra operator

The Cassandra operator image is automatically built and stored on Docker Hub


Casskop uses standard Cassandra image (tested up to Version 3.11)

Operator SDK

CassKop is build using operator SDK:

Build pipelines

We uses CircleCI as our CI tool to build and test the operator.

Build image

To accelerate build phases we have created a custom build-image used by the CircleCI pipeline:

You can find more info in the developer Section


See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.

For developers

Operator SDK is part of the operator framework provided by RedHat & CoreOS. The goal is to provide high-level abstractions that simplifies creating Kubernetes operators.

The quick start guide walks through the process of building the Cassandra operator using the SDK CLI, setting up the RBAC, deploying the operator and creating a Cassandra cluster.

You can find this in the Developer section


You can contact the team with our mailing-list [email protected] and join our slack (request sent to that ML)


CassKop is under Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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