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OZWCP is largely unmaintained, getting occasional bug fixes only. If anybody is interested in maintaining it please let us know. There is a new OZW GUI being developed in ozw-admin repository that should replace the functionality of OpenZWave Control Panel.

Update 29 July 2019

Bugfix for groups, build detection macOS versus linux, can build inside or outside of open-zwave directory


The OpenZWave Control Panel (ozwcp for short) is an application built on the OpenZWave library that permits users to query, manage and monitor Z-Wave nodes and networks. It provides a web based user interface using AJAX principles.

OpenZWave Control Panel was updated in 2019 to support OpenZWave 1.6 (being master branch at that time)

A feature lacking from OZW 1.6 is "Bitfields".


The web server is based on GNU's libmicrohttpd library available at

Debian based system:

apt-get install libmicrohttpd-dev

Mac using Homebrew:

brew install libmicrohttpd

If you build libmicrohttpd from source you can use the --enable-messages configure option for debugging.

Install Option 1 - outside of OZW folder.

First (shallow) git clone OpenZWave and build it

git clone --depth 1 cd open-zwave/ make


cd .. git clone --depth 1 cd open-zwave-control-panel/ make

Install Option 2 - in OZW folder

This was the only option before the 29 july 2019 update... Like option 1, but clone the ozwcp repo in the OZW folder.

There is no need to edit the Makefile, the OS and path is detected automatically.

Currently Windows is not supported.


ozwcp currently runs from the command line and takes two flags:

-d for debugging -p port number the web server will listen on

Default port is 8090

Once started, connect to the hostname:postnum that ozwcp is running on using a web browser and you will get to the user interface.

ozwcp currently must be run from within its distribution directory. It serves files that must be present for it to work properly. You may need to run it as root depending on the port number you use.


This was build as a proof of concept and is "quite usable" for diagnosis and setting stuff...

Please report bugs to the OpenZWave google groups mailing list:


The html/javascript tooltip support came from:

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