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Open Hunt is a brand new community for fans and builders of early stage technology products. We aim to be completely open and transparent, without insiders or gatekeepers who control who gets listed and who gets left out.



Firstly, fork the repo on the master branch and clone your repo

git clone

Install the required gems with bundler

bundle install

Create a new branch for your feature

git checkout -b feature/your-feature

Setup the Twitter App instructions

Run the application using

rails server

When you have finished your feature and added your tests, submit a pull request using your feature branch.

Setup Your Twitter App

Open Hunt currently uses Twitter authentication. To dev locally, you'll need to create an app on and use the auth keys they provide you.

1) Create a dev app with your twitter account:

  • set the name to something unique (something like "Open Hunt dev - [your github username]")

  • set description / website to anything

  • set the callback url to (a shortlink that points to http://localhost:3000/auth/twitter/callback)

  • example:

2) Change the permissions to "Read Only"

  • in "Application Settings -> Access Level", click "modify app permissions"


3) Click on the tab "Keys and Access Tokens". Then create a new file at

with the content:
# pull the value for "Consumer Key (API Key)"
twitter_key: "PASTE_REAL_KEY_HERE"

pull the value for "Consumer Secret (API Secret)"

twitter_secret: "PASTE_REAL_SECRET_HERE"

Override Database configuration on development

Configure an ENV variable locally for

. Configuration instructions here.

Getting Sample data

In dev mode it's useful to generate a randomly generated list of users, posts, and votes.

rake db:seed

Dev Login

In dev mode, it's useful to be able to log in as any user. To do this, navigate to: http://locahost:3000/devauth


Open Hunt is released under the MIT License.

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