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OpenHantek is a DSO software for Hantek (Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech) USB digital signal oscilloscopes

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OpenHantek is a free software for Hantek and compatible (Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech) USB digital signal oscilloscopes.

Image of main window on linux Image of main window on Windows
  • Supported operating systems: Linux, MacOSX, Windows¹, Android
  • Supported devices: DSO2xxx Series, DSO52xx Series, 6022BE/BL


  • Digital phosphor effect to notice even short spikes
  • Voltage and Spectrum view for all device supported chanels
  • Math channel with these modes: Ch1+Ch2, Ch1-Ch2
  • Freely configurable colors
  • Export to CSV, JPG, PNG or print the graphs
  • Supports hardware and software triggered devices
  • A zoom view with a freely selectable range
  • All settings can be saved to a configuration file and loaded again
  • Multiple instances with a different device each can be started
  • The dock views on the main window can be customized by dragging them around and stacking them. This allows a minimum window size of 640*480 for old workstation computers.

Install prebuilt binary

Navigate to the Releases page. * Download Windows build

Building OpenHantek from source

You need the following software, to build OpenHantek from source: * CMake 3.5+ * Qt 5.4+ * FFTW 3+ (prebuild files will be downloaded on windows) * libusb 1.x (prebuild files will be used on windows) * A compiler that supports C++11

We have build instructions available for Linux, Apple MacOSX and Microsoft Windows.

Run OpenHantek

You need an OpenGL 3.2+ or OpenGL ES 2.0+ capable graphics hardware for OpenHantek. OpenGL is prefered, if available. Overwrite this behaviour by starting OpenHantek from the command line like this:

OpenHantek --useGLES

USB access for the device is required: * As seen on the Microsoft Windows build instructions page, you need a special driver for Windows systems. * On Linux, you need to copy the file

and replug your device.

Specifications, Features and limitations

Please refer to the Specifications, Features, Limitations page.


We welcome any reported Github Issue if you have a problem with this software. Send us a pull request for enhancements and fixes. Some random notes: - Read how to properly contribute to open source projects on GitHub. - Create a separate branch other than master for your changes. It is not possible to directly commit to master on this repository. - Write good commit messages. - Use the same coding style and spacing (install clang-format. Use make target:

make format
or execute directly from the openhantek directory:
clang-format -style=file src/*
). - Open a pull request with a clear title and description. - Read Add a new device if you want to know how to add a device. - We recommend QtCreator as IDE on all platforms. It comes with CMake support, a decent compiler, and Qt out of the box.

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